Omos and Bobby Lashley match “ends in dark for the” Giant.


Bobby Lashley faced Omos at WWE WrestleMania in Dallas. Lashley returned last Monday night on Raw to set up this match.

Omos overpowered Lashley at the start of the match. A clubbing blow to the chest took Lashley down but Lashley no sold and got back up. Omos then attacked Lashley in the corner of the ring. There were some awkward spots because Omos is still green.

Omos sent Lashley over the top rope. Lashley jumped back up and tried a crossbody off the top but Omos caught him and dropped him. Omos locked in a bear hug before driving Lashley into the ring post. He locked in the bear hug again. Lashley fought his way out with punches and a suplex. Lashley speared Omos twice and then pinned him to win the match.


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