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My living mom is dead to me – James brown allege. {Video}

Nigerian cross-dresser, James Brown has spoken about his relationship with his mother.

The video which he made just a few hours to his birthday is making the rounds on social media.

The cross-dresser who turned 21 a few days ago pointed out that his birthdays make him sad as it reminds him of how much he was rejected by his mother.

In the video, James said his mother had tagged him a ‘born-by-mistake’

He, however, pointed out that the mother is currently trying to reach him but she is dead to him.


Bombshell: Man reject lover’s proposal publicly.

The idea if proposing to a woman publicly is gradually taking another shape as many are faced with different embarrassment on daily basis.

This is the case of this young man who walked up to his lover in a public eatery and knelt down to propose to his woman only for the woman to reject his proposal, so out of annoyance the young man bent down and pulled off the white shoe he bought for her and he took the plate of rice and poured it into a lady and walked away with everything leaving the girl perplexed and shame in public.

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Man Invent Hip Hop Song To Solve Mathematical Problems. #MATMusic

In a bid to address the dismal performances of students in mathematics examinations, a lecturer in the department of Early Childhood Education, University of Ibadan, Dr Ishola Salami, has invented hip-hop song to solve some mathematical problems.

Salami, whose primary interest is in early childhood education, stated that the hip-hop song is aimed at enhancing pupils’ knowledge in the subject at the primary school level.

According to him, the dread attached to mathematics is as a result of the poor childhood learning ability and lack of friendly tools that can enhance learning.

He said, “Someone who can solve simple mathematics problems can quickly reflect and solve societal problems.”

He urged the government to adapt child-friendly strategies with a view to making the dreaded subjects simple.

Elaborating on the invention, he stated that the hip-hop song being invented, tagged MATMusic, comprises songtracks with Mathematics ideas, principles and procedures.

The 2019 WAEC results indicated that out of the 11, 892 candidates who sat for the examinations, only 3, 102 obtained five credits, including English and mathematics.

The WAEC results, covering 2016 and 2018, published by the National Bureau of Statistics, indicated that candidates with five credit and above with Mathematics and English in the South-West zone were less than 40percent.

“Learning Mathematics has always been a serious challenge for many learners starting from primary school level across the world. One of the reasons for this is the nature of the subject which is rule-governed and abstract. To do well in mathematics, one has to remember a lot of rules and procedures.

“Past efforts to make the subject learning-friendly focused largely on preparation of effective teachers and methods of teaching. Songs have also been used as instructional strategies to teach mathematics but there is dearth of information on efforts targeting child-friendly music to teach mathematics. It was discovered that one of the music types children love to listen to is hip hop music. This is because of the beats, rhythm and the danceable melody it has.

“It was also discovered that when children love a given music, they tend to remember all the lyrics. So, if Mathematics principles, formulae and ideas can be put into a child-friendly music like hip hop, this should enhance the learning of the subject. It is against this background that hip hop music on primary mathematics was written and composed. We are still hoping that government in the South-West would see this invention and embrace it for adoption in the primary school level. The song incorporate the curriculum at the primary basic level,” he said

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Feb:14: Denrele Edun Reveals Why He Keeps Going To Grave Every Valentine’s Day

Nigerian media personality, Denrele Edun has talked about why he keeps visiting Goldie’s grave some seven years after her death.

Every year since late singer, Goldie Harvey, died in 2013, her close friend, Denrele Edun, has been visiting her grave on Valentine’s Day, which is the anniversary of her death. While some have commended his commitment to his deceased friend, others insinuated that he was doing it for publicity sake.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the media personality noted that the visits were his own way of keeping Goldie’s memory alive.

“It is my little way of letting people remember that there was once a Goldie, there still is a Goldie and there will forever be a Goldie. Anytime I do that, people remember her. Some stations play her music and it might just be for that day but somehow, she is remembered, appreciated and loved on Valentine’s Day. No matter my schedule, I make sure I visit her grave every Valentine’s Day. It is so weird because the guards at the grave usually expect me. That is the only way I can communicate with her.”

Edun also stated that he had not being in touch with the late singer’s family.

The former television presenter also maintained that he would continue visiting Goldie’s grave until he got a revelation to do otherwise.

Denrele, who recently shared his experience with the husband of a friend who said he didn’t like him, insisted that things like that did not get to him.

He added, “It is different when people tell you they don’t like you upfront, so you already know what you are dealing with. I can take open confrontation but when it comes from the action (of the person), I am a very strong-minded individual. As humans, we try to decipher what warranted such behaviour from someone who doesn’t know one’s story and it is not reciprocal because one doesn’t hate that person. I feel everyone is entitled to their views. You know my name not my story.

You don’t know what I have been through. I like good energy. I am a positive-minded person and I don’t want to cross paths with these people. Honestly, I am not bothered.”


See reactions after Glory Osei deactivate her Twitter account

In October 2019, a series of accusations trailed Glory Osei and her husband Muyiwa Folorunso.

The couple who cofounded Divergent Enterprise was called out on social media by former employees for their alleged high-handedness, allegations of scam business ventures and poor treatment of former staff as well as maintenance of a toxic work environment.

Osei, who says she is a “negotiation and international procurement expert” is also accused of posing as a single woman on social media. Osei often states her strong dislike for men and “Nigerian married women”. It came as a shock when it was revealed that she married Folorunso in 2016.

Osei, in a series of tweets and a separate statement she published on her Medium page, denied running Ponzi schemes as businesses. According to her, the allegations were the handiwork of disgruntled ex-staff trying to bring her down.

In the wake of the allegations that trailed Divergent Enterprises, Osei released a long thread on Twitter trying to justify herself and defend Divergent Enterprise.

Though it has been months that the allegations surfaced, social media users are not one to forget and from time to time, she still receives backlash.

It now appears that Osei may have caved into the pressure from social media as she has deactivated her Twitter account, an action some have attributed to her having “small shame.”

This comes after she made a post on Twitter but many users of the microblogging platform dredged up the scandal and began to bully her.

Following the negative trail, she deactivated her Twitter account.

Osei appears to be more active on Instagram since the Twitter drama and here i=are some reactions to her deactivating her Twitter account.


Kemi Olunloyo’s Son Call Her Out – Says, She Flirt With Random Guys

Controversial Nigerian social media personality and journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has been called out by her son Enitan Robert as he turns 33.

Enitan took to his Instagram page to share a lengthy post about what he called his “deep story.”

According to Enitan’s post, Kemi is now his ‘former biological mother’ and she has stopped wishing him a happy birthday after they had a falling out over the phone a year ago.

He alleges that their fight was about Kemi “telling these filthy nasty Nigerians to wish me a happy birthday.” He goes on t say he does not know these people personally and he wishes she would have kept “her big trap shut.”

Enitan then launches into his mother’s controversial life talking about how she “tells lies on everyone, especially she had no compassion, love, respect and no nothing.”

His post also accuses Kemi of using him and his siblings as “pawns in her game to get what she wants.” Enitan adds that she does evil things and hurts people, himself included because everyone wants to be her friend.

He hits heavy on his mother when he alleges that she “loves to be a whore just to sleep around with random dudes so she can get pregnant.” He says this includes his younger days.

His accusations do not end there as he also accuses his mother of sending him to Nigeria to feel trapped so they can kill him.

He concludes his post by saying he is still here and nothing can tear him down as long as he moves on with his life because God will protect him.

Interestingly, when Enitan turned 30, Kemi took to Instagram to admonish single mothers. She wrote:

“30 years ago today, I had my first child. I raised him alone and made it. To all the single moms out there, success is possible so better learn from me. Happy 30th birthday ?Enitan Robert. February 17th 1987”.

In the past, there has been a controversy concerning Kemi’s children. Tokunbo Aboderin who was called a family member claimed she was related to the Olunloyo’s and she knew the true story behind Kemi’s children,

Aboderin alleged that Kemi’s children were fathered by her father Omololu, ex-governor of Oyo state, emphasising that Olunloyo is mentally imbalanced.

Aboderin further revealed that Kemi’s children were taken away from her in the United States (US) because she harasses them and has not seen the children ever since.

In her response, Kemi said she found the story funny and slammed Aboderin as an attention seeker who her father slept with and dumped in the ’70s.


NobleTokUrMind: What do you think of ‘Lil Frosh’

Don’t you think that Lil Frosh is a star from birth..

He is coming out to shine like Lil Kesh, just that vibe he has.

What do you think???

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Lady says she was assaulted at Christ Embassy + her three children {Video}

A Nigerian lady took to Instagram to share a video of a confrontation at LoveWorld Church a.k.a Christ Embassy in Lachine, Montreal in Canada, which she claimed led to her and her three children being assaulted.

According to Anita Humphrey, she was allegedly assaulted for demanding for a written agreement for the balance of the money a Pastor of the church, Peter Enone owed her.

The lady claimed Pastor Enone told members of the church to throw her and her children out of the building for making the demands. She wrote;

“My name is Anita Humphrey. I and my 3 children were assaulted on Sunday by Pastor Peter Enone of Christ Embassy, Lachine in Montreal, Canada for demanding for the money they owe me.

He ordered members of his church to physically throw us out because I was DEMANDING A WRITTEN AGREEMENT FOR THE 10.9K$ CANADIAN BALANCE OF THE 13K$.”


Alaafin of Oyo welcomes first child with youngest Olori Damilola {Photos}

Alaafin of Oyo Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III has welcomed another child at 81 years old. The Oyo king welcomed the newborn child with his youngest wife, Queen Damilola.

The Oba and his youngest wife gave birth to a baby boy. The new wife of the Oba shared the photos of her little prince on her Instagram page to celebrate him.

In the Instagram photo, the little prince was seen wrapped in a shawl while he was soundly at sleep. The queen also shared a photo of herself while she was still pregnant with her baby boy.

Queen Damilola was seen in the photo with her baby bump dressed in a purple mesh flowing gown paired with a crown.

The queen captioned her post with words of thanks to God for the arrival of her baby boy. She also congratulated herself and said the son of the king has finally arrived.


See what boyfriend did after his girlfriend proposed to him in school {Video}

A video has gone viral on social media showing the moment a young lady defied status quo and proposed to her boyfriend.

The lady is seen kneeling down and offering her man the ring while the crowd behind her cheer and beckon the man to accept his proposal.

He accepts and allows her to put the ring on his finger, then proceeds to hug her as onlookers jubilated over an act considered so rare in this part of the world.

The incident reportedly happened in a school which is yet to be identified.


Must Read: 7 Problems Big Breast ladies face but won’t disclose

Many ladies consider having big Breasts a blessing. If you have large Breasts, you will feel like you are “blessed” and feel well-endowed. But remember it is a kind of a roller coaster ride of having both good and bad times with this characteristic.

Here we discuss a few reasons and things that show why having bigger sized is not always glamorous or sexy.

1. Back/ Spinal Issues•

Carrying around a pair of large sized on your upper body can cause some real problems such as severe back or spinal pain. Those extra pounds of fat and tissue opposite your back can cause pain, pressure, and overall discomfort.

If you are feeling constant pain around your back, shoulders, or neck, you should never overlook it. Your big breasts could be a contributing factor in it. To manage this pain, you can opt for breast reduction surgery.

Sometimes, physiotherapy, massaging your back and shoulders, and stretching and using exercise balls too can help ease the back pain and manage posture.

2. Can’t Sleep Comfortably•

If you have big Breasts, it will make it too hard for you to sleep especially if you want to sleep on your stomach or your side. Of course, sleeping on your stomach seems to be the most comfortable sleeping position. However, unfortunately, it is not for you.

If you try to sleep that way, you will feel like you are going to burst from the inside out. There are similar challenges to sleeping on the side. You feel like the mounds of skin, tissue, and fat deposits are going to be painfully mashed together. It can also create a waterfall of Breasts sweat. When everyone wakes up with a cup of coffee, you wake up with back pain. To put it succinctly, big Breasts make sleeping less enjoyable for you.

3. Working Out Can Feel Like Torture•

After securing your Breasts down with sports bra, it can still come in the way of your gym workouts.

You have a constant threat of running poses. Nobody can run comfortably with two melons strapped to their chests. Do you agree?

Every day exercise will be impossible for you such as push-ups. This is because there will be so much space between the breasts and the floor during a push-up which will make the exercise strenuous

4. Different styles look horrible•

When you have big Breasts, so many clothing styles and attires are simply not an option for you. You cannot wear anything that you love to wear. For example, if you want to wear a backless dress, you will feel like it is telling you “do not make us laugh”.

Similarly, the entire lacy Victoria Secret’s collection bra is out of your reach, due to the breast size. Whether you like it or not, you have to wear a giant grandma support bra with 2-inch-wide straps.

If you try to wear a low-cut top, it will give you crazy amounts of cleavage and gives off the impression you are trying hard to fit in the outfit, when in reality, it is not the truth.

5. You Will Get Way Too Much Unwanted Attention•

Being a well-endowed female comes with the added pleasure of getting too much attention that you seriously do not want to indulge in. Sometimes having bigger curves make you prone to catcalling.

You get excess attention and sometimes verbal or gesture harassment. This can be a major turn-off of having larger sized Breasts.

6.Breasts-Feeding Is Almost Impossible•

Having big Breasts can create a difficulty for you while breastfeeding your child. You will not be able to easily figure out where exactly your nipple is located and where the baby’s mouth.

It can really give you tons of stress and struggle in ensuring that your baby has latched on to your boobs appropriately. Your big Breasts might end up suffocating your baby by covering his/her entire face or nose.

Your baby might end up drinking a lot of milk that ultimately results in other problems.

7. Rashes and Infections Under theBreasts•

Your big Breasts can make the skin to fold or rub on itself. That results in red marks, rashes, or infections around the area. It because while bathing you face difficulty to access the area.

Therefore, it might happen that you cannot clean the area properly. If this is the case, you can opt for Breasts reduction or uplifting surgery.


NobleTokUrMind: How many times did Olamide said ‘Do’ in his latest track ‘Wonma’??| 999

NobleTokUrMind allow you to comment on the gist asked…

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Right Answer Wins





Shocker: Pastor in Altar, lay curses on Associate {Video}

This video of a pastor laying curses on his associate pastors who left his church along with some of his members have surfaced online.

The place where this actually happened wasn’t however stated.


Kemi Olunloyo: Marriage is a total waste of time

Controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo has stated that marriage is a total waste of time and that was why she was never married.

She made the comment in an Instagram post in reaction to the sad death off Barrister Eric Agboegbulem, who was found dead after a sex romp with a 17-year-old girl.

She Wrote:
What’s your opinion of my assessment of the death of Barrister Eric Agboegbulem? It is a lesson for all married women. Your husband’s are frequenting prostitutes EVERY DAY! Even with the aid of Sildenafil (Viagra etc) Marriage is a total waste of time. I’ve never been married, never will, I even introduced sex toys to Nigeria in 2012, now it’s everywhere. Even lawmakers are fighting in sex shops🙄. Ladies you don’t need a man. Masturbate all you like, no diseases, no condoms or Tramadol needed.

“This honorable attorney died a disgraceful death on top of a 17yo Prostitute younger than his own children if he had any. He used a brand of Sildenafil that should NEVER exceed 200mg a day and that’s if you are having sex 6 times daily. 12 holes punched in sachets. 120mg X 12=☠⚰ May his soul rest in peace. The wife should pray with me and move on. I asked God to forgive him and accept him into his kingdom. Anytime you sleep with anyone other than your wife. You have committed babanla adultery and violated the 10 commandments. His wife is a top CBN official and should tell the police to release the prostitute.

“In America, Prostitute Miss Precious would have written a book and became a Billionaire. I am extremely ANGRY AT THE BIGGER PICTURE. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. NAFDAC KILLED HIM!! Always focus on the bigger picture and think outside the box. If the Nigerian feds let me be the DG of NAFDAC Agency, in 30 days I will regulate the profession of Pharmacy where records of Viagra purchase can be logged by pharmacies.

“He was also said to be on a nitrate anti-hypertensive ⚰😳PRESCRIPTION ONLY ERA HERE IS HERE PRESIDENT @muhammadubuhari if you like, don’t make me NAFDAC DG, Soon I’m converting my green card to US citizen🇺🇸 then I get to work at the US FDA. Everyone I educated here, should have been a N50K seminar.


Denrele Edun reveals how he is being treated for being a gay

Nigerian Media Personality, Adenrele Oluwafemi Edun popularly known as Denrele, has revealed the way he is treated by people who perceive him to be a gay man.

He narrated the awkward experiences he had with the husband of a friend of his whom he met on two occasions.

On one of the occasions, Denrele Edun said he could hear the man express disgust for him and also called him a homosexual.

Read his post below ;

You are NOT for everyone, and that’s not just okay, that’s AMAZING!

There’s a close friend of mine (we go way back) whose Expatriate husband can’t STAND the very sight of me. Considering the fact that we have mutual alliances, we run into each other occasionally. And she’s in the strategic Media industry so that’s even more than often.
First time he sighted me at a dinner party for one of my close buddies (and just so you know, my sensory organs are exceedingly sharp), I heard him whisper to his wife (my friend), “I HATE THE VERY SIGHT OF THAT GUY.

I HOPE HE’S NOT YOUR FRIEND”. And I knowingly walked up to them with the biggest welcoming smile plastered all over my face, hugged my friend, shook his hand in a limp shake which he withdrew quickly like I had the Coronavirus and moved away.

I thought to myself, “White man? That’s a first!”
They usually find me intriguing and assume I’m some sort of RockStar!

The other day, we were at a Champagne oriented event and forgetting my resolve, I ran up to her.
Hugged her. Told her how I had missed her (very true) and and moment I tried to greet her husband, she laughed and said to all our other friends around us,
I decided to break the ice again. Tried to say hi. This time he backed hurriedly away from me with an irritated demeanor and moved further down the patio muttering
“I’LL KILL SOMEONE…” and something else I didn’t quite catch!
Everyone noticed this but it still fell down to this look; MY WIDE CLEVER FOOL LAUGH! And wholeheartedly too!

Suddenly, a group of friends sighed me, screamed my name and whirled me away to meet their foreign friends who were enthusiastically THRILLED to meet me!

You are not for everyone, and that’s okay. The world is full of people who, no matter what you do, will point blank NOT like you.
Being disliked by some is simply a byproduct of being authentic to who you truly are.
But it is also filled with people who will LOVE YOU FIERCELY!
You are not for everyone, and that’s okay!


She ran away with the man she accused of raping her 5 years ago – Husband speaks

An aggrieved husband has called out his wife for allegedly fleeing from their home with a man she claimed raped her 5 years ago.

According to the South African man who disclosed that he met his wife 10 years ago, he discovered that the man his wife accused of sexually assaulting her, is the father of the boy he thought was his son.


I just realized my degree isn’t useful, I am selling it – Lady

A lady has stunned many social media users following her decision to put her degree up for sale.

Taking to Twitter to make the announcement of her intent to sell her Social Work degree, the lady voiced out her frustration after trying several times to secure employment but to no positive end.

Identified as @mthethwa_faith on the micro-blogging platform, she noted how she realized that her degree is useless, following her futile search for job.

She wrote:

“Degree for sale!!! I am selling my Social Work degree(Honors Degree). I have realized that it is useless, finding a job has been difficult. If you know what you’ll do with it you can DM me. Price negotiable!”

See her post:


When I sing, I sing with so much authorities that people get healed – Seyi Weli

Talented gospel singer, Seyi Weli, has a passion for inspiring and encouraging people through her music.

Coming from a musical family, she sang in church choirs from elementary school through to university. For over a decade, she was an active choir member and worship leader in Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Fountain of Love, Scotland, United Kingdom. She has supported fellow church members as a backup vocalist for their albums and was a member of Sound of Many Waters, an interdenominational and multicultural gospel band also in Scotland.

In this chat, the Chartered Engineer and mother of two, who recently released two singles, Agidigba and Victory, talks about her music career and other issues.

Could you tell us briefly about yourself?

I am Seyi Weli, a wife, mother and a gospel musician. I am also a Chartered Engineer.

What is an engineer doing in music?

I am a singing engineer. I am actually doing the work of God through music. It is something God has called me to do, so I see it as a privilege to minister and to lead people in worship.

What kind of engineer are you. Are you a civil, electrical or mechanical engineer?

I am a Safety Engineer.

What does a safety engineer do?

We take care of people in danger, like fire victims and all.

How exactly did you receive your musical calling?

I grew up in a music family. My dad was a music director, so that already got me into doing music.

You were a choir member, did you play any musical instrument or you just sang?

As a child, I used to play piano but I lost it due to other things that occupied my time. But then, I am getting it back little by little now. My daughter is learning how to play piano, so I am learning with her.

What inspired Agidigba, your first single and what year was it released?

Agidigba was released August last year and the video dropped October 2019. Agidigba is an Afrobeats gospel song, which reflects on the greatness and goodness of God. The song is a re-commitment to God. It’s also a way of showing how big God is. It came on my way back from one of my business trips, and I was thinking of where God has taken me to, looking at all the challenges. I was just reflecting on the past and the song came.

What of your other song, Victory?

Victory came during a time I was going through a challenge, and my father was also ill. But through it all, God gave me the assurance that ‘I have my victory’. In whatever you are going through, if you’re believing God for a child, marriage or a job, believe that Jesus has the final say. When the time is right, he will do it. He makes all things possible in his own time.

This sounds like a testimony. Did you wait long before you had your child?

No, I didn’t wait long. I actually had my child a year after I got married, but it’s just that there were things I was expecting from God. So, that was my own waiting period and God came through.

Between Agidigba and Victory, which is your favourite?

Both of them have different messages but I think I love Victory a lot because of the time it came, and the way the song helped me through (difficult times). For Agidigba… it’s so hard to say that I love one song more than the other, but I love Victory, most especially, the visuals.

You’ve been a Christian from childhood, when exactly did you have that turning point in your life?

I remember vividly that I was 13-years-old when I got baptised by the Holy Spirit. I went for a youth event here in Nigeria and before I knew it, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I found myself on the floor, and seriously, that was a turning point for me.

Is your husband also an Engineer?

Yes, he is.

A Safety Engineer as well?

(Laughter) Yes.

How did you meet your husband?

My husband was a friend to my elder brother, but I didn’t know him because he moved to Scotland for a new job. He contacted me on Facebook and the rest is history (laughter).

Did he propose to you through Facebook?

No! I wouldn’t have accepted that. He proposed normally. He met with my parents after three months we started dating. He knew what he wanted and went for it straight away. I went into deep prayers that until I hear from God, I would not accept his proposal, and then God gave me multiple signs. Since then, I have no regret marrying him. Yes, God has blessed me with this great and supportive husband, though we had a time in our relationship when I was waiting on God.

As a pretty woman and an artiste, how do you cope with pressure from men?

Thank God, I don’t really face such things. But if it happens, I will tell them that I am a mother and a wife. It will be nice if people respect the fact that somebody is married and let them be. I would like to advise men who approach married women for love to refrain from such act. Do not break marriages and homes, because when marriages are broken, it affects the children and society as a whole. And for women in such circumstances, stand firm, do not disrespect yourself. Tell the person that you are married and the person would back off.

Some entertainers are facing difficulties in their marriages, what advice do you have for them?

Christ should be the foundation of your marriage in the first place. The entertainers should first make sure that they get the assurance and leading from God. I believe anything established by God will stand. So, they should take out time to seek God’s face and His direction so that when storm comes, they will run to God and say ‘God, you are the one that asked me to go ahead in this union’ and He will be there for them.

As an artiste, which was the biggest stage you have performed?

The biggest stage I have performed was the Festival of Life in Scotland, which is similar to the Holy Ghost Congress here in Nigeria. They have one in London and also in Scotland, which houses about eight thousand people. I wish to perform at The Experience. I do watch it online in London and I am so proud of what Pastor Adefarasin and his team are doing. So, it will be a great honour to perform on that platform.

Whenever you perform, what kind of feedback do you get from people?

People do come to me and say they are blessed. I have also had a testimony of healing during my ministration. It’s something God has spoken about, and to see it come to pass is fulfilling. It’s very humbling for God to use this small me. For me, it’s a privilege and I am not taking it for granted at all.

What advice would you give an up and coming artiste who aspires to be like you?

I will tell them to rely on God only, because if you rely on man, he will fail you. God can’t fail you. When He lifts you up, He will sustain you and keep you higher. Networking is also important. So, do it well but never say this is the person that will take you there, it’s God that will take you there.

Who would you say has mentored you?

My dad and my pastor, Chris Gbenle, he’s the head pastor of our headquarters church. And also Pastor Alex Omokodu, his family has been supportive.

Who among the local and international gospel artistes has influenced your music?

I like Sinach, Mercy Chinwo and Nathaniel Bassey. On the international scene, I love Don Moen; he’s a legend when it comes to gospel music.


3 ‘Nevers’ of Fela Anikulapo Kuti (MUST SEE)


Wayne Rooney’s son, Coleen poses in Boxing outfits ahead 2nd birthday {Photos}

Coleen Rooney, the wife of England footballer, Wayne Rooney, has released adorable photos from her son’s boxing-themed photoshoot ahead of his second birthday next week.

In the adorable photos, Cass was pictured posing in personalized boxing shorts, a monochrome silk robe and a pair of boxing gloves.

The proud mother of four captioned the post: ‘I love these of my baby.’

See more photos below.

Adorable photos of Wayne Rooney

Adorable photos of Wayne Rooney
Adorable photos of Wayne Rooney
Adorable photos of Wayne Rooney
Adorable photos of Wayne Rooney


Saudi teen called out for wearing bikini in Canada

A young woman from Saudi Arabia who fled to Canada, has been abused and shamed after she shared before and now photos to celebrate her freedom from “being forced to wear black sheets”.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun moved to Canada following her escape from Saudi Arabia (read here). Afterwards, she went online to share an old image of herself in a niqab and another where she was wearing a bikini.

She captioned the photo: “The biggest change in my life.. from being forced to wear black sheets and being controlled by men to being a free woman.”

Her post earned her criticisms from Twitter users in her native country. They called her out for making herself “naked.”

One Twitter user said: “I really feel sad for people like you, Saudi woman are living in happiness, they are living a normal live they drive, go malls and now they travel alone, plus our prophet Muhammad said that women and men are equal.”

Another said: “I was checking her previous posts and got to know that she literally got all this fame because she threw hijab away and started clothing like in the second picture.”

Qunun fled Saudi Arabia in January 2019 and barricaded herself in her hotel, saying she was escaping abuse from her family. She escaped her family while they were visiting Kuwait then flew to Bangkok. She was denied entry by immigration police and her passport was seized. She then took her case to social media, sparking the hashtag #SaveRahaf, and posted video of herself using a table to block the door to her hotel room.

She also renounced Islam and declared herself an atheist, saying: “Physical, emotional and verbal abuse and being imprisoned inside the house for months. They threaten to kill me and prevent me from continuing my education. They won’t let me drive or travel. I am oppressed. I love life and work and I am very ambitious but my family is preventing me from living.”

As a result of her campaign, she was given UN protection and she chose to fly to Canada after being granted asylum there.