Johnny Knoxville beats Sami Zayn with different finishers.


In the third match at WWE WrestleMania, Sami Zayn took on “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville in an Anything Goes Match.

Notes from the match (written in real-time):

Zayn immediately hit the Heluva kick as soon as Knoxville got in the ring. Zayn then brought him outside of the ring and tossed him into the barricade. Zayn pushed the Jackass crew that was seated at ringside. Knoxville used a fire extinguisher in Zayn’s eyes. Knoxville brought out some weapons from under the ring.

Zayn quickly turned things around. He hit Knoxville in the back with a cookie sheet and a crutch. He followed up with a trash can shot to the head and a pin attempt. Zayn set up a table with mouse traps on it but that gave Knoxville time to recover. He used trash can lids and a stop sign on Zayn. Zayn countered a suplex attempt and he hit the exploder suplex Knoxville through a table in the corner of the ring.

Chris Pontius jumped into the ring and took off his outfit to expose his tiny underwear. Zayn took him out but Knoxville recovered during this and Knoxville went for a surprise roll up, pin attempt. Wee Man showed up from under the ring and he attacked Zayn with punches. Wee Man then bodyslammed Zayn. Knoxville hit the tornado DDT and almost pinned Zayn. Wee Man brought some sort of contraption with a fake leg on it. Zayn took Wee Man out with a kick to the face. Zayn went for a move off the top but the pyro went off, knocking Zayn into the ring. Knoxville then sent a bowling ball into Zayn’s mid section. Knoxville set the fake leg off to kick Zayn in between the legs. Knoxville ran from Knoxville but was slapped by a giant hand.

Zayn was able to get back on offense. Zayn got on the top rope but Knoxville used tongs on Zayn’s testicles and then Zayn was sent through the table with the mouse traps at ringside. The rest of the Jackass crew brought a giant mouse trap into the ring. Knoxville used a taser on Zayn, Zayn was laid out on the mouse trap and Knoxville set off the trap on Zayn. Knoxville got the win.


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