WWE star ‘Rey Mysterio’ set to Announce his official retirement

There have been reports that the pro wrestling icon, now 45, is ready to step away from in-ring competition soon.


His contract is set to expire in September and judging by WWE’s latest announcement, it seems unlikely Mysterio will be signing a new deal.

During Monday’s episode of RAW, the following message was posted on WWE’s social media:

“Next week on RAW, Rey Mysterio will have his retirement ceremony.”

That tweet was followed up shortly after by the reveal that Seth Rollins will be hosting the segment.


“UPDATE: Seth Rollins will be the host of Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony next week on WWE RAW,” they tweeted.

While the rumours about Mysterio being close to retirement are real, it seems that this ‘ceremony’ could well be part of a storyline.

The Master of the 619 has been feuding with Rollins in recent weeks and was recently written off television suffering an injury at the hands of the Monday Night Messiah.


Fans seem certain this won’t be Mysterio’s real retirement and many have responded to the announcement.

Rollins and Mysterio have been feuding recently
“Hey, there you go, make it completely obvious that he isn’t actually retiring,” one wrote underneath the tweet about Rollins hosting the ceremony.

“Why spoil that it’s a work a week before lmao,” another added.


A third person simply wrote: “I don’t trust it.”

It seems that all signs are pointing towards a ‘work’, with many fans already predicting WWE are swerving us.

Rollins has tormented Mysterio recently
Let’s be honest, next week’s segment is probably going to lead to a match between Rollins and Mysterio at the Backlash pay-per-view, isn’t it?

But, we’ll have to wait to find out for sure.



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