Mickie James talks career vs. title match at Hard To Kill on 1/13, potential match with WWE’s Charlotte Flair


In an exclusive for WrestlingNews.co, Steve Fall’s Ten Count spoke with Mickie James. Mickie will be wrestling Jordynne Grace at Hard to Kill on January 13th for her Impact Women’s Championship in a Career vs Title Match. Click here for details on how you can watch the event and ticket information. James gave us her thoughts going into this match.

“There’s a lot on the line. The stakes are high. The reality is, I know what I’m going into for this match because Jordynne has been a remarkable champion. She has been an incredible, very impressive champion. I’ve been going back and watching pretty much all of her matches leading up to, because as I was on this last rodeo, kind of trying to prove my way that I still belong on the roster, and working my way up the roster, I’ve watched her hold on to that championship, and very strongly. I know it means a lot to her to keep that championship. I’m sure it would be a good notch in her belt if she was the one to retire me.”


“But I can tell you, obviously, I don’t want to retire. You know I love this business so much and I’ve dedicated a long time to it. I still have so much passion and love for it. But if this is the way it had to end, I would not be sad. I mean, I would be sad in the sense that I would never be able to lace up a pair of boots again, but my career has been amazing. It has been more than I ever expected or anticipated. It was everything that I prayed for, but at the same time, you know, you don’t think that you can accomplish all these things, and I think what I’ve been able to do in the business, even in those times when I thought that the whole world had fell out from underneath my feet, and still to be able to persevere and kind of push through is, it’s been amazing. I really thought to myself like, what else do I have to prove in the business because we always feel like we have some more to prove. Like even in this, like I had to prove that I still belonged in this locker room, in this new era of women’s wrestling.”

On Charlotte Flair mentioning that she would like to wrestle Mickie James:

“Last year. I would have told you absolutely not. We can’t see that. But this year I go, well, anything is possible, right? It took a lot of magic to make that Royal Rumble happen. The fact that it was, I mean, it was so special. I still get chill bumps every time I watch that entrance and I’m fighting with my jacket because it got stuck, and I forgot to turn around to show the back because it was so awesome. It was a multi-layered reaction. It was like, oh my God, it’s hardcore country. Oh my God, it’s Mickie James. Oh my God, she’s got the belt. Then when I held it up, it was like multi-layered reactions and I just go like, God, it was so perfect. It was so amazing and it would be hard to recreate. It’d be hard to top in that sense. The only way to top it would be to win the Royal Rumble and then maybe go on and challenge Charlotte Flair, title versus title, whatever the case may be.”




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