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Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens Fights To No-Contest.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens rekindled their legendary rivalry with more intensity than ever, as The Master Strategist looked to prove he could handle The Prizefighter by himself.

The two battled each other for nearly 20 minutes, pulling every move out of their respective playbooks with Zayn hitting Blue Thunder Bombs and Owens landing swanton bombs aplenty.

A huge suplex from KO to The Honorary Uce from the top rope nearly splintered Zayn in two and left both combatants on the ground.

Just as Zayn was about to deliver a Helluva Kick to KO, The Bloodline erupted on the scene, causing a no-contest between the two fierce rivals and shocking Zayn into disbelief. The Bloodline put the boots to The Prizefighter with Solo Sikoa delivering a humongous splash onto KO through an announce table.




Sami Zayn is getting more creative input on his storylines.


WWE SmackDown star Sami Zayn is the guest on this week’s “Out of Character” podcast, Zayn talked about what it was like to wrestle during the ThunderDome era, improving his social media presence, his match with Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania and other topics. The interview was recorded at Superstar Axxess before the match with Knoxville.

Here are some of the highlights:

Zayn said he’s tried to elevate his character when the pandemic era started:

“I felt like the stuff I’ve been doing for the last year and a half since post-COVID and ThunderDome era has been some of the best stuff I’ve ever done, certainly character-wise. I’ve just been having so much fun. That’s going to sound extremely arrogant if I say it, but I’m operating on another level. But I’m trying to bring a different aspect to the character that we don’t see in most wrestling characters. I’ve had so many interesting foils on the other side of me. So having Logan, during the whole documentary thing, and then even being opposite Vince McMahon backstage, or being opposite Brock Lesnar, or being opposite Johnny Knoxville, it’s such an eclectic cast of characters.”

Zayn’s thoughts on Thunderdome era:

“I love the Thunderdome era. It’s an unpopular opinion, I know, especially because I love the fans. I’m not going to say that all the time, but I do. I really have a deep love for all of you. However, not having you guys there during the Thunderdome opened the door for some new creative ways to do things, which I personally, in my opinion, don’t think we as a company took full advantage of because we still tried to present the show as if fans were there. So that’s again, in my opinion, a missed opportunity to present the show in a slightly different way in a different context.”

Zayn said he’s been involved more with the creative aspect of his character, but he is not booking his own material:

“Let me just nip this in the bud. I don’t want to act like I’m booking my own stuff because I’m not. But I swing a lot and I don’t think I swing a lot of duds, but sometimes I swing ideas that there’s reasons why I don’t know why they won’t work, and sometimes they tell me that won’t work because of XYZ. But a lot of things they’ll take and okay, it’s not exactly how I envisioned it, but pieces of it get through. Having even a little bit of creative input, I think that’s what’s really taken my appreciation and my enjoyment of being here in WWE to another level is I’ll say, ‘Hey, I really wish we could kind of do this’, and then some version of it happens and I’m thrilled. I’m over the moon. What more could you ask? To just feel like you have a voice and you’re feeling heard, and then when you actually go out there and do it, you feel respected and valued. That’s really what kept me here.”


Johnny Knoxville beats Sami Zayn with different finishers.


In the third match at WWE WrestleMania, Sami Zayn took on “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville in an Anything Goes Match.

Notes from the match (written in real-time):

Zayn immediately hit the Heluva kick as soon as Knoxville got in the ring. Zayn then brought him outside of the ring and tossed him into the barricade. Zayn pushed the Jackass crew that was seated at ringside. Knoxville used a fire extinguisher in Zayn’s eyes. Knoxville brought out some weapons from under the ring.

Zayn quickly turned things around. He hit Knoxville in the back with a cookie sheet and a crutch. He followed up with a trash can shot to the head and a pin attempt. Zayn set up a table with mouse traps on it but that gave Knoxville time to recover. He used trash can lids and a stop sign on Zayn. Zayn countered a suplex attempt and he hit the exploder suplex Knoxville through a table in the corner of the ring.

Chris Pontius jumped into the ring and took off his outfit to expose his tiny underwear. Zayn took him out but Knoxville recovered during this and Knoxville went for a surprise roll up, pin attempt. Wee Man showed up from under the ring and he attacked Zayn with punches. Wee Man then bodyslammed Zayn. Knoxville hit the tornado DDT and almost pinned Zayn. Wee Man brought some sort of contraption with a fake leg on it. Zayn took Wee Man out with a kick to the face. Zayn went for a move off the top but the pyro went off, knocking Zayn into the ring. Knoxville then sent a bowling ball into Zayn’s mid section. Knoxville set the fake leg off to kick Zayn in between the legs. Knoxville ran from Knoxville but was slapped by a giant hand.

Zayn was able to get back on offense. Zayn got on the top rope but Knoxville used tongs on Zayn’s testicles and then Zayn was sent through the table with the mouse traps at ringside. The rest of the Jackass crew brought a giant mouse trap into the ring. Knoxville used a taser on Zayn, Zayn was laid out on the mouse trap and Knoxville set off the trap on Zayn. Knoxville got the win.


Sami Zayn on his El Generico character: “that guy doesn’t exist anymore”


Sami Zayn appeared on Peter Rosenberg’s “Cheap Heat” podcast to promote WWE WrestleMania 38 where he will wrestle Johnny Knoxville in an anything goes match.

Before going to WWE, he made a name for himself on the independent scene as El Generico. During the appearance, he was asked if the character could ever make his way to WWE.

“I think people have a fondness for the past. It’s kind of normal that I get asked questions about past incarnations or past things in my career, ‘will we see this again?’ Some fans, and I take this as a positive because they have a lot of fondness towards my good guy days in NXT. And there is a kinship there and they felt a connection to that character. I’ll get messages saying, ‘When are we going to get that guy back?’ Well, that guy doesn’t exist anymore.

If the Beatles, if they were all alive, if they came back now, you can’t recapture what you had in the 60s. It would be the Beatles of today playing songs from the 60s… it’s lightning in a bottle. Everything is a product of time and place. Sometimes, you have to look at things that existed in that time and place and appreciate them for what they were and kind of wish that they wouldn’t come back because if they did come back, they wouldn’t be the same. Nothing is the same. It’s all a product of when and where it existed.”


Sami Zayn speaks on main reason he signed with WWE, again.


Sami Zayn’s contract with WWE was set to expire in late 2021, but he re-signed with the company that will keep him under contract for years to come. He has been with WWE since 2013 and is used regularly on television.

While speaking to Cultaholic, Zayn commented on his decision to stick with WWE.

“I was already in a very good place with WWE and they made it very clear, not just when it was time to negotiate but in the last year, year-and-a-half, whatever it is, I’ve definitely gotten the impression and they have said as much that I’m a valued part of the roster and I feel valued and I get a lot of television time. So I’ve been very happy and stimulated creatively even, which I know is a difficult thing to get in WWE sometimes,” he said. “With so many moving parts and so many talented people sometimes, inevitably, you kind of get left behind but I haven’t felt that way in a very long time with WWE. So that was really the main factor driving my decision to stay. I was very happy to stay because I felt valued, I felt appreciated and it was reflected as such by the amount of television time I got. For me, it was a bit of a no-brainer to stay right now.”

Zayn’s contract was slated to expire around the same time as Kevin Owens’ deal. They’ve been friends for so long that some fans wondered if one decision influenced the other. Zayn said he doesn’t know because it wasn’t something where they were in talks together or even decision making.

Zayn has been in a prominent storyline with “Jackass” star Johnny Knoxville, which will end in a match at WrestleMania 38.