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The police wants to kill me because I am supporting IPOB – Kanu’s Lawyer reveals.

Ifeanyi Ejiofor, lawyer to Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has come out to state his own side of the story on how his home in Oriaifite, Anambra state was ”invaded” by police officers on Monday December 2nd.

The police had reportedly gone to his house for a search after it got information that some kidnap victims were being held in his compound. During the search, a fight ensued and two police officers were killed and their remains burnt. Ejiofor has since been declared wanted by the police over the clash and the death of the police officers.

In a video he made and posted online, Ejiofor said some persons are after his life because he is standing up for IPOB members and its leader, Nnamdi Kanu.

“On Sunday being the first day of December 2019, I was called at about 8pm to 9pm by the DPO and he never passed any message to me. Then in the morning, at about 6am, I got a call from my elder brother that police have invaded my premises led by the area commander himself. I requested to speak with the area commander and he obliged which conversation was so recorded.

“I requested to know why they were in my house because I wasn’t around. He said they came to arrest one of my wards who participated in a local conflict. He demanded to see me and I said I will be back around 10:30 in the morning. I told him I will come to see him at the station when I am back.

“He said okay, but he emphasised that time is of essence. That I should keep to time. Then I became worried, because I came back on the 24th of November 2019 for my brother’s burial and I have been around. I never had any issues with anybody, I never stepped out of my house. When I came back around 10, I told my mother I want to go see the area commander, but on a second thought I decided to go see my uncle who will accompany me.

“When I left the house for my uncle’s place, that served as a saving grace. We were on our way to the commander’s office taking an unconventional way when I got a call from my junior brother that the police were in my house and they opened fire on all living object, including persons in my house. So, I was like someone came about 6 in the morning, had a conversation with him on an offence I don’t even know anything about and I promised him as a lawyer that I am going to be in his office, then what happened in my house took me by surprise.

“I was confused about what was going on. As I speak now, I am homeless. They have burnt down the house. Many people who were running for safety were also killed. Over 20 person have been killed. My mum was gunned, and now receiving treatment. What is my offence for being IPOB lawyer?

“I decided to take refuge within the neighbourhood. The reports kept coming in as to the atrocities they were committing in my house including roping people around the area. At the end, they took away the bodies of those they killed in my house in their own van to a place along Onitsha-Owerri express road, burnt all of them and left. That is all I know that transpired.”

Speaking further, he said

“I’ve committed no offence known to law. They are actually interested in getting me out of the way. They are interested in killing me because they have seen me as thorn in their flesh. Because I am defending members of IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu. Any place they arrest any IPOB member, they will always see me there. And I have defeated them in virtual all of the cases. The terrorism tag on IPOB is being challenged at the court of appeal and we are awaiting judgement,” he said.



Breaking – IPOB raises alarm over the safety of Kanu’s lawyer

…Declared wanted over murder of 2 cops

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has described as an unprovoked action yesterday’s “invasion” of the home of Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, by the police and other security agents, which led to casualties barely four days after the burial of his elder brother.

The media and publicity secretary of the pro-Biafra group, Emma Powerful, in a statement, noted that not even during the darkest days of Abacha’s dictatorship did anyone witness what it called brazen intimidation of a legal counsel “or the attempted assassination of a defence counsel in a high profile case.”

It noted that it was the golden rule of every legal system that defence counsel were not harassed, intimidated or killed. But it seemed, in Nigerian situation, the statement argued, nothing is sacrosanct.

“In their usual predictable manner, the police in Anambra State have issued a self-incriminating statement laden with blatant lies, falsehood and deception. For the police to say there was a criminal complaint against Ejiofor bothering on assault and kidnapping four days after the funeral of his brother is most stupid and laughable. Criminal complaint from who? Who did he kidnap, the body of his dead brother?

“The police claim two of their officers were killed by IPOB members but there were four dead bodies in the burnt police vehicle. What any investigative journalist worth his salt should ask is, who are the other two victims, where did they come from and what were they doing in a police van? Answers to these questions will reveal that the police in Anambra State are unrepentant liars. The truth remains that police and army went to the home of Ejiofor with the sole purpose to kill him before next month’s court date, as is now their tradition.

“On getting there, they opened fire on unarmed civilians as usual and the two men that came out of the house were shot dead instantly. The police carried their dead and dying bodies into their van to conceal evidence and drove off. These are facts backed by evidence Anambra police cannot deny.

“After killing two unarmed and innocent civilians, before they left, the police doused Ejiofor’s home with petrol and set it on fire. This was the reality, yesterday, in Oraifite Anambra State.

“It was the carelessness of the police in handling the petrol they used to drench Ejiofor’s home and nearby businesses before setting them on fire that trailed back and led to the fire that gutted their van.”

Meanwhile, the police in Anambra have declared Ejiofor wanted over the clash on Monday in Oraifite, which left at least four persons dead.

The police commissioner in the state, John Abang, in a video message circulated by the spokesman of the police, Haruna Mohammed, yesterday, urged members of the public with any information of his whereabouts to avail the police or any other security agencies of such information.

“Gentleman, I will like to let Nigerians to know that as we speak, Ejiofor, an IPOB member, and his cohorts, have been declared wanted by the command.

“And I will seek the cooperation of law abiding Nigerians from North, South, East and West, wherever they find this individual, they should report to the nearest police station or any other security agency for possible arrest and prosecution,” Abang said.


IPOB – 4 dies in police clash.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), yesterday, alleged that the police in Anambra State invaded the house of its lawyer, Mr Ifeanyi Ejiofor, in Ifite Oraifite, Ekwusigo Local Government Area and killed two of its members while some were wounded.

It was also alleged that two policemen were killed during the fracas.

This was contained in a statement personally signed by leader of the group, Nnamdi Kanu.

According to the IPOB, leader, “confirmed reports indicate that a combined team of Nigeria police and the military assassination squad invaded the home of my lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor in Oraifite Anambra State, this morning, Monday, December 2, in a bid to kill him and his family.”

He also alleged that this came on the heels of yet another killing of two IPOB members who were peacefully gathered in Arondizuogu, in Ideato, Imo State on Sunday, December 1, adding that their bodies were already deposited the morgue.

Kanu stated that “those responsible for this deadly assault know they will pay dearly for it; they know, it’s only a matter of time”.

Meanwhile, a witness at Oraifite said that the police actually shot and killed two people in the house of Ejiofor, but in retaliation the youths of the community allegedly killed two policemen and burnt them at the Nkwo area of the town.

The source said that the police on reaching the lawyer’s house had an altercation with IPOB members in his house which led to the police opening fire on them and in reaction, the angry youths of Oraifite mobilized and attacked the policemen and in the process, two policemen were allegedly killed.

He said the incident did not have anything to do with either Ejiofor or members of IPOB, but it was unfortunate the police went to Ejiofor’s house were fracas ensued and police opened fire on the IPOB members who were not members of any of the cult groups.

The atmosphere in the entire community was charged as at 1.30pm while the bodies of the policemen were seen lying in their operation vehicle.

The situation affected movements as people were trapped while the roads were deserted for fear of possible police swoop on the community.

However, traditional ruler of Oraifite, Igwe Dr. Dan Udeorji, confirmed the incident but said he did not have the details as he was in an occasion when what happened was sent to him via a text message. He expressed disappointment over such senseless loss of lives in the present day Nigeria.

He said: “It is very unfortunate that some people can be very quick with guns to kill, why did they not arrest the culprits instead of shooting them. There is no need for loss of lives at this time, in fact any time.

Police public relations officer in the state, Haruna Mohammed, said in a statement: “On December 2, at about 11.30 am, there was a formal complaint against one Barrister Ifeanyi Ejiofor (a member of the proscribed IPOB) in Oraifite on alleged case of abduction, assault occasioning harm and malicious damage to property.

“Following the report, police patrol teams led by the Area Commander, Oraifite, Oliver Abbey, mobilised and rushed to the scene in order to arrest the suspect who declined police invitation.

“However, as soon as police arrived the house, armed men suspected to be IPOB members descended on the police, set ablaze one patrol vehicle and attacked them with rifles and machetes. As a result of the attack, two police officers whose identities are being withheld were killed by the suspected IPOB members while others were inflicted with machete cuts. The injured personnel were rushed to the hospital for medical attention and are presently receiving treatment.”


IPOB dares police on kanu’s return, says you can’t stop us.

The indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has waved asside the threat by the Nigeria police, issued recently by the Abia State Commissioner of Police, Ene Okon to stop the leader it’s leader, Nnamdi Kanu from attending his mother’s burial.

According to a press statement by the media and publicity secretary of the Igbo separatist group, comrade Emma Powerful and made exclusively available to Sunday Sun yesterday, it reassures it’s members that nobody can stop Kanu from attending his mother’s funeral.

He described the threat by the police as an empty threat that does not hold waters ,maintaining that such threats would only make the group more defiant.

Powerful sated “An inconsequential and roundly incompetent local police operative blabbing away from a poorly maintained office in a delapidated building in Umuahia is not worthy of an intelligent response from the great IPOB.

“However it is important we inform the Fulani masters of this Okon that Biafra is resonating all over the world today thanks to IPOB. All the years of threats and brutal crackdowns have all resulted in making IPOB more defiant, determined and ruthless in our pursuit of the noble goal of Biafra liberation. Powerful said.

He continued “If the military might of the Alimajiri Nigerian north, grand conspiracy of the judiciary and mind-numbing treachery of Okezie Ikpeazu, other Igbo governors and Ohaneze could not stop IPOB, how much less an unknown Fulani boy-boy in police uniform in Umuahia.

“It seems this caliphate servant in police uniform named CP Okon wants to use the name of our most reverred leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to be noticed as the slave he is in order to advance his career, the same way another slave called “Justice” John Tsoho used the privilege of presiding over the sham trial of our leader to become the Chief Judge of Federal High Court of Nigeria.

“Before this Okon came, there were other loud mouthed southern police commissioners in Abia that sought to impress their Alimajiri masters by making unedifying and unguarded utterances against our leader and the indomitable IPOB family. The same way they sunk into oblivion is exactly the same way this talkertative imp will be quickly consigned to the scrapheap of used and discarded unthinking caliphate servants from the south.

“He is not the first and neither will he be the last.

“IPOB is not in the business of responding to incompetent lowly ranked officers of a failed, shameless, uncivilised and discredited colonial disgrace like Nigeria. IPOB is an international movement currently engaged in international diplomacy to drive home the need to put the long suffering ethnic nationalities the British herded together into their failed experiment in Nigeria out of the primitive stranglehold of the eternally backward Arewa core north” Powerful explained.


C.P, Police should leave Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB is also fighting for his liberation – Emma Kanu.

As a result of the threat by the police in Abia State to arrest the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu if he comes home for his mother’s burial, the family spokesman, Emma Kanu has appealed to the state Commissioner of police, Ene Okon to leave his elder brother alone.

In this interview with OKEY SAMPSON in Umuahia, the younger Kanu said the IPOB leader has not done anything wrong that could warrant his arrest, claiming that he (Nnamdi) has embarked on a voyage that will even liberate CP Okon himself.

Abia State Commissioner of Police said your brother, Nnamdi Kanu would be arrested if he comes home for your mother’s burial, what’s your reaction?

Arrest my brother for what offence? He should leave Nnamdi Kanu alone and go after the Fulani herdsmen who have been killing people in Abia State and elsewhere. What has he (CP) done about the Fulani herdsmen and the rest of it? And what is Nnamdi Kanu’s crime to him?

If one may ask, is the IPOB leader actually coming home for the burial?

We’ve not finalized on that.

The CP said Kanu’s crime is that he was declared wanted by the court.What’s your take on that?

Please ask the commissioner of police how many Fulani herdsmen he arrested and taken to court. Also ask him, how many people who have killed people in this country in the name of Islam has he arrested and taken to court; how much more a man who has done nothing wrong. If CP Okon does not know, inform him that Nnamdi Kanu’s agitation is for his own good, short and simple, IPOB has come to liberate him because he is a Biafran too. Forget about his open denials we know why it is so, but deep down inside him, he knows that what I’m saying is the truth, that he is a Biafran inside out.

Police say it would not entertain any group in the name of IPOB during your mother’s burial because it is a proscribed organization. Do you have anything to say on this?

Proscribed by who, by a Kangaroo court? Proscribed by Kangaroo court, yes, rubber stamp court, yes. I was expecting the CP to stand firm and make sure the Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram and the rest of them are proscribed and not IPOB because we do not carry gun nor do we carry any weapon.

The CP should know that my mother’s body does not belong to IPOB alone, but to humanity around the world. I will like to know what exactly Nnamdi Kanu has done to Abia State commissioner of police as a person. If the proscription of IPOB was sensible enough, tell him that I said Nnamdi Kanu has come to liberate him from the shackles of the Hausa/Fulani oligarchy.


IPOB: Police will not spare Nnamdi Kanu if he returns – CP Okon.

Following news that has gone viral in recent time that the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu would return home for his mother’s burial, Abia State Commissioner of police, Ene Okon in this interview with OKEY SAMPSON in Umuahia has sounded it loud and clear that police in the state will not spare Kanu if he sets foot in Abia for his mother’s burial or any other thing for that matter. This, Okon said was because the IPOB leader was declared wanted. The CP equally warned that police will not hesitate to arrest any IPOB member who may want to identify himself as belonging to the pro Biafra group during the burial.

IPOB said their leader, Nnamdi Kanu will be coming home for his mother’s burial. What do we expect from the police?

Well, if members of IPOB are speculating that, the police do not know that one. What I know is that Nnmadi Kanu jumped bail and escaped and is wanted and remains a wanted man. Until that time, but I couldn’t tell you about police action on anything that is speculation, until he comes.

The mother is dead and from every tendency he is likely coming back to bury her. What will be police reaction if he comes back?

If he comes back and submits himself to the police, police will know what to do at that time. Like I said earlier, we do not deal on speculation, but if actually he will come back, then we will know what to do.

If he comes back and fails to submit himself as you will want him to, what will police do?

If he submits himself, we have to take him before the court, but where if he fails to submit himself to the police if he comes back, he is a wanted man; he is a wanted man and the law on somebody that is wanted is clear. Even you as a private person or civilian can arrest a wanted man and hand him over to the police. Then what will police do? If someone is wanted and police sees that person, definitely he will be arrested by the police and handed over to the court.

Nnamdi Kanu has said without number that he has not done anything that would warrant the court to declare him wanted. Do you agree with him?

Did he jump bail or not? He had a case in court, he was granted bail, and he jumped bail. So, when somebody jumps bail, what do you call that one? If he claims he did not do anything, he that will be an illusion, living in the inclination of the grandeur. The fact remains that he jumped bail and escaped; and he is wanted, he is wanted. So, that is the position.

There is this thinking in some quarters that since the mother died, police would have sympathy and allow him to come home and bury her.

Don’t you think along that line?

The court will decide and not the police. But the fact remains that once any person is declared wanted, wherever the police see him in any corner of Nigeria, the person will be arrested.

Since you said the IPOB leader will be arrested if he comes home because he was declared wanted, he has been moving freely abroad, why have the police not made any effort to nab him?

That has to do with international law and a lot of things are involved that require going through Interpol.

Some people believe Nigeria police is acting as local lords in this matter. Why has it not initiated that move for Interpol to get the IPOB leader arrested?

That’s a question I cannot answer, there is international dimension to it. The Federal Government has to come in here. You know Nigeria is a member of Interpol, a member of international organizations that have treaties; it has to go through these treaties, conventions and all that. You can’t just jump over some of these things and you say you want to arrest somebody, no, there are procedures. We are in a country that has treaties with other countries, we need a whole lot of laws and all that and you have to go through all those procedures, it’s not a day’s job.

Members of IPOB see Nnamdi Kanu’s mother as equally their mother and customarily may be preparing to come out en masse to give her a befitting burial. What will the police do if this happens?

Until that time, wait and see what police will do.

Are there security measures to be put in place by the police during the burial ceremony?

As at now you are just saying what people are speculating, we have not known or heard that the family has fixed the burial and all that.

Until that time, when we know and when the family tells us their mother is going to be buried, then we will know how and what to say, but for now, people are speculating. So, we cannot wake up and start issuing statement on mere speculation. We have our own intelligence, when the time comes, we will get our own intelligence and know what to say or do.

Won’t it be wise for police to give warning early enough to those who may want to foment trouble in whatever guise during the burial?

We don’t warn on rumour, we will only warn when we gather intelligence, we subject intelligence to analysis and all that and if we are convinced of the intelligence, we will do the needful.

If IPOB applies to the police to be allowed to formally take part in the burial, what will be your response as the Commissioner?

Who will apply to the police?

I mean IPOB

A proscribed organization to do what? A terrorist organization will apply to the police? Okay, when they apply, let them put their names, their correct names so that we know what to do. By the way, how do you expect police to honour application by a proscribed and terrorist organization? We are even looking for them, let them apply and put the names of their leaders in the application as that will give us a very good ground to do the needful.


IPOB – We’ll Resist RUGA In Any Igbo Land..

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has insisted that it would not allow Ruga settlement in any part of Igboland.

The group also said Ebonyi State remained one of its strongest holds in the South East, noting that their members and supporters were solidly on ground in all the 13 council areas.

IPOB spokesman, Emma Powerful, stated these, while reacting to a statement credited to Ebonyi State Commissioner for Internal Security and Border Peace, Mr. Stanley Emegha, who said that IPOB and other pro-Biafra groups were not only illegal but did not exist in the state.

Emegha allegedly made the comment while debunking a social media report attributed to the Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV) that the Ebonyi state government had inaugurated a secret security outfit called Bakassi Boys to attack members of IPOB in the state because of their opposition to Ruga settlement.

But IPOB in a statement, yesterday, insisted that Ebonyi government had formed and inaugurated the counter force to confront their members in the state.

“IPOB Intelligence units on ground continue to report the treacherous activities of this very outfit. It was formed to provide grassroots’ logistics support to herdsmen in Ebonyi State who are raping our mothers and destroying our villages.

“Those that doubt our opposition to Ruga should ask Chief Willie Obiano of Anambra State, what became of his Miyetti Allah friends, he gave land in Anam. We, IPOB, chased them away from Anam and all over Anambra State and our ongoing operations in Ebonyi are designed to do exactly the same.

“Inviting Nigerian Army, Bakassi Boys and a myriad of local Fulani informants on ground in parts of Ebonyi will not deter us, instead it will embolden IPOB resistance to this blatant Fulanisation of our land,” Powerful stated.


Ebonyi state government tackles IPOB, says pro-biafra groups are illegal…


Ebonyi State government has said pro-Biafra groups including the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) did not exist in the state.

It also debunked reports that a counter force called “Bakassi Boys” had been inaugurated to confront Biafra agitators.

The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV) had claimed in the social media that the Bakassi Boys outfit was inaugurated to attack members of IPOB because of the pro-Biafra group’s opposition to RUGA settlement in the South East in general. But the government described it as strange and untrue, adding that even IPOB did not also exist in the state.

Commissioner for Internal Security and Border Peace, Chief Stanley Emegha, who spoke to newsmen, dismissed insinuations and berated Biafra agitators for the rumour.

“This is a strange story as a far as the state is concerned, there is no security outfit that can be established in this state without the knowledge of the state government and as such there is nothing like Bakassi boys.

“There is nothing like Bakassi or Isakaba, IPOB, MASSOB or whatever you call them. People may stay in their homes based on their agitations and say they are IPOB or MASSOB or they are this or that, but they are not known in Ebonyi State because their activities are against the law of the land.

“So, there is nothing like Bakassi in Ebonyi and there is no inauguration of such group in the state. There is absolutely nothing like that and we don’t condone it,” he said.


BIM, MASOB Defend CEO, Air Peace, Allen Onyema…

Founder of the Biafra Independent Movement (BIM), Ralph Uwazuruike, has accused the Federal Government of masterminding the plan by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe Air Peace Chief Executive, Allen Onyema .

Uwazuruike described the probe as not only a witch-hunt but persecution against the Igbo race.

The BIM leader disclosed this to newsmen, yesterday, while reacting to plan by EFCC to open a probe against Onyema, and the recent call by President Muhammadu Buhari’s Special Assistant on Social Media Loretta Onochie asking Onyema to face his charges in US.

Uwazuruike said Onochie spoke the mind of the presidency, but warned that Igbo’s will rise against any plan to humiliate Onyema.

The EFCC on Saturday set of a special panel to wade into allegation of $44.9 million wire fraud and money laundering against Onyema.

But Uwazuruike has insisted that the allegation of fraud against the Air Peace boss was a calculated attempt to persecute the Igbo race.

“I am the Ijele of Igbo land and it is my responsibility to defend Igbo, which Onyema is one of and I tell you that I have all is takes to resist FG from persecuting my people.

“We have been pushed to the wall by the Federal Government and Onyema’s case will prove a point, so he should not be intimidated and must remain fame,” Uwazuruike said.

Similarly, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) believed the travail of the Air Peace boss began when he cancelled the purchase of America’s10 Boeing 737 max airplanes after the last Ethiopian Airline crash that killed all passengers on board and opted for Brazil’s Embraer instead.

According leader of MASSOB, Uchenna Madu, “such positive and eloquent step by Air Peace triggered USA’s anger against Air Peace Airline because of the $1.17 billion loss of income to Brazil.

Madu further claimed that Federal Government’s swift response that Chief Onyema should face the criminal charges against him in the US is another proof of evidence that President Mohammed Buhari-led Federal Government is bent on destroying industrious and enterprising Ndigbo.

The MASSOB leader believed that the plan probe by EFCC has proven that the Federal Government is not happy with Onyema for his philanthropic gestures to the people of Nigeria, especially Igbo when he evacuated them freely from South Africa’s xenophobic attack.

He also accused America of blackmailing the Air Peace boss in order to destroy his global philanthropic affluence.

“The US has been doing business in the past with Chief Allen Onyema. If Air Peace boss had not cancelled the $1.17bn contract to America’s Boeing Manufacturers, would they have suddenly woken up from their deep sleep to discover that Allen is a scammer? MASSOB and other pro-Biafra organisations will continuously protect, defend and uphold the interest, dignity and integrity of Ndigbo,” Madu vowed.


Abakaliki – Ebonyi denies setting up Bakassu Boys to fight against IPOB..

Ebonyi state government on Monday debunked the allegations that it inaugurated a vigilante group called “Bakassi Boys ” to fight the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Rumour making round on social media, spearheaded by a group called “The Biafra Restoration Voice (TBRV) alleged that Governor David Umahi of Ebonyi state commissioned the said security group.

According to their write up,” Governor David Umahi has set up group of men called”Bakassi Boys “in Ebonyi, their job and mission is to attack IPOB members and so on”.

But debunking the allegations the state Commissioner for Internal Security and Border Peace,Mr Stanley Okoro Emegha said the state has no other internal security outfit except the Neighborhood watch.

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He described the information to be strange.

He said: “This is a strange story as far as the state is concerned, there is no security outfit that can be established in this state without the knowledge of the state government and as such there is nothing like
Bakassi boys.

“There is nothing like Bakassi or ISAKABA, IPOB, MASSOB or whatever you call them. People may stay in their homes based on their agitations and say they are IPOB or MASSOB or they are this or that but they are not known in Ebonyi state because their activities are against the law of the land.

“So, there is nothing like BAKASSI in Ebonyi state and there is no inauguration of such group in the state. There is absolutely nothing like that and we don’t condone it. Who did the selection? Who inaugurated them?

“There were some people that came and said they are National Vigilante and the Governor said we don’t want to hear anything like that here in the state.

“What we have which is constitutionally approved by our House of Assembly is the state Neighbourhood Watch and everybody know their activities. It is recognized worldwide and security agencies in the state know their activities and that is the only thing we know in the state and we have as a security outfit.

” Their conducts have limitations, there are certain extent they don’t go. They give tips to police, their activities does not cross this level and they are purely to checkmate pocket of crime”

“Any other thing called BAKASSI we are not part of it and the state is not part of it. The general public should please disregard that rumour, it is untrue” Emegha said.


IPOB Vows To Support And Fight For Air Peace CEO, Allen Onyema..

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has affirmed its commitment to fight for the rights of the Air Peace boss, Allen Onyema who may be facing a probe of his alleged deal with the American company, spearheaded by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

In a press statement by the Media and Publicity Secretary of the Igbo separatist group, comrade Emma Powerful and made available to newsmen in Owerrri, the group alleged that the Federal Government through its action wants to discredit the efforts of Onyema just soon after he was lauded for his efforts in evacuating Nigerians free, without charge during the xenophobic attacks in South Africa .

According to Powerful, “There is clear indications that the recent concocted probe against a man of peace, the Chairman of Air Peace Company, Chief Alien Onyema, proves every doubt by certain individuals that the Federal Government is behind the probe.

“We are aware that Allen Onyema volunteered himself and his Air peace company to evacuate Nigerians and Biafrans stranded in South Africa for free of charge because of unholy attacks against them.

“The Nigerian government in their usual way of bringing down any Biafran who serve them decided to use this latest probe to stop Air Peace Company from operations. Chief Allen Onyema, the CEO of Air Peace Company helped Nigerians during the attacks last two months in South Africa,” Powerful said.

He further added, “They are using this to perfect their ways from stopping anybody who may decide to help individuals anytime, any day this kind of attack occurred on our people anywhere around the world. Chief Allen Onyema did not commit any crime anywhere around the world.

“Therefore, IPOB will condemn and fight every effort being made by the Federal Government through EFCC to strangle down Chief Onyema’s business and person. Every Biafran, the good people in Nigeria and the world must stand up to condemn this evil movement against an innocent man because they will extend it to other people who may wish to help Nigerians attacked anywhere across the globe.

“The probe of Air Peace boss, Chief Onyema who recently conveyed Igbos and other Biafrans in South Africa free of charge during the xenophobic attack is suicidal because IPOB must stand for him and it cannot hold,” IPOB stated.


IPOB: My mother was used for sacrifice – Nnamdi kanu revealed. (Check..)


The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, says his late mother, Ugoeze Sally Nmeme Kanu, who reportedly died on August 30 in Germany, was “sacrificed” for the restoration of Biafra.

Kanu said his mother, who passed on at the age of 67 supposedly from the trauma she faced during the attack on their Afaraukwu home in Umuahia by soldiers on Operation Python Dance in September, 2017, was a lover of Biafra and worked with IPOB to see the cause to its present stage.

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IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu’s Mother Died, Army got The blame. (Check..)

The Biafran separatist leader, who described his mother as a generous woman that saw IPOB as her own family, assured that though she died in the course of the struggle, IPOB would not relent until Biafra was restored.

Thanking people for their prayers, Kanu stated:

“We ask you to continue to pray for us as we also continue to pursue this noble effort to restore Biafra because that is the only way my mother could be honoured, that is the only way that she would want her memory to be honoured.

“We are going to march on relentlessly until Biafra is restored. I did say on numerous occasions that I will sacrifice everything sacrificiable to ensure that Biafra is restored and today I can tell you that my mother has been sacrificed in this very process and we are not stopping, we are not relenting.

“The most critical thing is Biafra, the most important issue facing us is Biafra and that is what we are focused on and that is what we will accomplish. And as I said earlier, that is the only way to respect her memory and to honour her.”

Speaking further on his mother’s demise he said, “Ugoeze Sally Nmeme Kanu died 10 days after her 67th birthday. Her death occurred around 10:30 pm on 30th of August 2019 in Lansberg Am Lech hospital near Munich in Bavaria after a protracted illness occasioned by the extreme shock and trauma of the deadly military invasion of her home under the guise of Operation Python Dance in September of 2017.

“She died of heart failure as a result of the incessant military attacks on her home. The trauma of the very brutal Operation Python Dance military invasion was the tipping point. As a peace loving and deeply compassionate mother, she never recovered from the shock of seeing 28 able bodied young men lying dead inside her compound following that invasion.

“Anybody who met my mother or had the unique privilege of made her acquaintance will testify to her generosity but above all her devotion and love for Biafra. Not just for Biafra as a project, but for all. She saw IPOB as her family and did everything she could to ensure that this very struggle is where it is today.

“We thank each and every person, every group and every association that have made gestures towards us and have recognized that there is need for us to work together at this very difficult period to ensure that Biafra is restored, we commend all your efforts.

“And for Biafrans all over the world, this effort to restore Biafra continues, it is not going to stop, like I said my mother died on 30th of August, way before my trip to the EU, way before my visit to the UN in Geneva, way before my visit and travel to Japan, but we have continued to move on and we shall continue to move on and we pray for the repose of her soul in the bosom of Chukwu Okike Abiama purum ihe nile, who we know will keep her and from there she will watch over Biafra and in our time Biafra shall come.”

Source: Sun News


IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu’s Mother Died, Army Got The Blame. (Check..)


The leader of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has lost his mother, Ugoeze Sally Nmeme Kanu.

She reportedly died on August 30, 2019 but it was concealed until yesterday, when her son, Nnamdi, made it public through a video he uploaded on social media.

He paid glowing tribute to Ugoeze Kanu, describing her as a generous woman and one of the strongest pillars of the Biafra struggle who took members of IPOB as her family.

Kanu said in the video: “Today, I announce the passing of my mother Ugoeze Sally Nmeme Kanu. May Chukwu Okike Abiama grant her eternal rest.”

The controversial Igbo separatist leader blamed the Nigerian Army for his mother’s death, attributing it to the trauma she supposedly suffered when troops of the Operation Python Dance invaded their country home in Afaraukwu, Umuahia, Abia State, and killed Biafra activists found in the place.

According to Kanu, his mother has been sacrificed in the struggle for the actualisation of Biafra.