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Identity of the cameraman that Bray Wyatt attacked during WWE SmackDown


Since his return at the WWE Extreme Rules show, Bray Wyatt has been pushed as a top star as he garnered a ton of buzz leading up to his return. (Watch Video Here)

Now that he’s back, WWE has been careful with booking for him and not overexposing him on television. He has been unhinged since his return, which was displayed during Friday’s SmackDown.

WWE did a segment where he attacked a WWE cameraman. Wyatt did a promo where he had a mental breakdown before grabbing a cameraman recording him and laying him out with a mandible claw. (Watch Video Here)

The identity of the cameraman in question has been revealed as he reacted to the vicious assault. The cameraman’s real identity is JT Energy, who has been a pro wrestler for six years after being trained by Seth Rollins.

He took to Twitter to further play up the segment: “I may never been the same again after being attacked by Bray Wyatt on Smackdown.” (Watch Video Here)