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Blac Chyna’s Mom Calls Her 2023 Grammys Costume “Horrendous”.

Blac Chyna’s outrageous Grammys costume did not go down well with her brutally honest mom, Tokyo Toni, who slammed her daughter’s ensemble to TMZ on Monday.

In the blistering fashion takedown, Tokyo Toni – real name Shalana Jones-Hunter, 51 – gave her opinion on Chyna’s Black Swan getup.

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The 34-year-old model-socialite showed up to the Grammys in a grand concoction of jet-black feathers that featured raven skull pendants around the thighs of her bodysuit.

Enshrined from behind by a voluminous turkey’s fan, China appeared to be lost in her avant-garde plumage.

Speaking to TMZ, Toni said: ‘I texted Chyna this morning and, uh, when I found out and I saw it, um, I said, “Chyna, what in the H is this? Who are you trying to not impress?” ‘

Blac Chyna’s mom wasn’t agonizing over telling her daughter the cold hard truth, as she told TMZ that the blunt criticism was ‘well-deserved.’

‘It may have been a little, um…mean, or whatever, but it was well-deserved,’ said Tokyo Toni, who didn’t receive a text back from her daughter.

‘No response,’ Toni told TMZ. ‘Maybe if I said, “Oh, your dress was beautiful,” maybe I woulda got a response.’

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‘It was terrible,’ she proclaimed, driving home her point. ‘And I just wish that whole day could just rewind and bring her back and put a nice gold dress on her with some blonde hair. We’d been happenin’. It was horrible.’

Tokyo Toni kept blasting her daughter, and came up with some interesting comparisons in the process.

‘I think that outfit was…horrendous. It was…sickening. It was a…looks like a, uh…a worship ceremony. She looked like Black Adam’s wife fell outta the sky. Like…a fallen angel. It was disgusting.’

And Blac Chyna’s mom didn’t stop with her dress, as Tokyo Toni lit into the reality star’s inky eye makeup.

‘Her eyes…it don’t look like Blac Chyna. It just don’t look like her at all, and that dress…I coulda came and took it off her myself.’

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After unleashing her tirade to TMZ, Tokyo Toni concluded with a few final thoughts – none of which were positive.

‘I believe she do deserve the trolling because it’s well-deserved. The Grammys should be…you should be dressed…very very elegant. Very, uh, pretty. Real wifey-like. You know?’

‘And you’re not getting an award, but you’re supposed to dress as if you are. And um…it was just terrible. I wouldn’t wish that dress on anybody in the world. Looks like the devil.’

Tokyo Toni might have gained a whole new fanbase in the Kardashians, since the family recently defeated Blac Chyna in court over the holidays, bringing an end to their five-year legal battle against her.

The mother-of-two was engaged to Rob Kardashian in 2016 until they ended their tumultuous relationship the following year.

Chyna shares a six-year-old daughter named Dream with Rob and a 10-year-old son named King Cairo with the rapper Tyga.

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Chyna had alleged that the Kardashians had defamed her and pressured E! to cancel her reality series with Rob – Rob & Chyna – though a jury disagreed, giving the Kardashians a huge victory.

Chyna was seeking a reported $100 million from the Kardashians, but the jury ruled that they owed her no damages whatsoever.

But even though her mother didn’t love her Grammys look, Blac Chyna’s silver lining was that she got to enjoy an incredible show