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TikTok suspends new video uploads from Russia.


Social media giant TikTok announced Sunday it is suspending the posting of all video content from Russia in order to keep its employees safe and comply with the country’s new “fake news” regulations.

“In light of Russia’s new ‘fake news’ law, we have no choice but to suspend livestreaming and new content to our video service while we review the safety implications of this law,” the company said in a Twitter message, adding that its in-app messaging service will not be affected.

“We will continue to evaluate the evolving circumstances in Russia to determine when we might fully resume our services with safety as our top priority.”


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed into law a bill introducing jail terms of up to 15 years for publishing “fake news” about the Russian army, as Moscow pushes forward with its invasion of Ukraine.

The law was met with a swift backlash from critics, but at the weekend, the Kremlin defended the new legislation, saying the country was facing “an information war” that required counter-action.


TikTok, with its one billion users worldwide, has helped revolutionize social media and the way artists are discovered.

In its Twitter thread, TikTok described itself as “an outlet for creativity and entertainment that can provide a source of relief and human connection during a time of war when people are facing immense tragedy and isolation.”

In a longer statement on its website, the company discussed the “devastating” war in Ukraine that, in addition to bringing widespread suffering across the country, has “brought pain to our community and our people.”

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“And as a platform, this war has challenged us to confront a complex and rapidly changing environment as we look to be a canvas, a window, and a bridge for people across the globe.”

TikTok added that it recognizes “the heightened risk and impact of misleading information during a time of crisis,” and said it was working to boost its safety and security measures.



Woman confesses how she had sex with son to bare child for husband.


A Nigerian mother identified as Matina Agawua has confessed to having sex with her biological son just to have a baby for her husband, in her second marriage.

A native of Yelwata, in Nasarawa State, Matina Agawua lost her first husband to herdsmen attack in Northern Nigeria. Her first marriage produced a son.

Matina Agawua remarried years after the death of her husband but had difficulties having a child with her second husband, Mr James.

Following six years of marriage with no child, Matina started getting pressured by her mother-in-law and her current husband to have a child or the marriage will be over.


Matina’s husband threatened to take a new wife and this bothered Matina because she and her husband had contributed money to build the house they live in, with Matina providing a greater share. It troubled Matina to have another woman living in the house she built with her husband.

As a result, Matina decided to have sex with her teenage son from her first marriage to see if she could have a child for her second husband.

“We had been married for more than six years but were still childless due to my husband’s fault, according to doctor’s report, and I was hearing from the grapevine that he was planning to take a second wife on the grounds that I could not give him a child,” Matina told The Nation.

Matina told the publication that she had undergone a test on her own since her husband refused to go for one, and the result showed that there was nothing wrong with her medically.

To prove that she is fertile, she decided to lure her own son, a student in Akwanga, into a secret affair, while warning him to keep it secret.

The mother-in-law who pressured Matina’s husband to take another wife


She told The Nation: “Since he is not comfortable with us going for medical checkup on the assumption that nothing was wrong with him, I decided to convince my little son, who is just about 16 years old and schooling in Akwanga.

“I visited him regularly. He stays in a private apartment with my relatives, so I was going there to spend some time with them, especially on weekends when my market is off.

“It was actually difficult making love with my own son, but circumstances forced me to go into it. I needed to be sure of my fertility.

“I know my husband very well. If he discovered I had an affair with a man outside, he would kill me.

“I love him so much and I’m afraid of him, so this evil plan kept ringing in my mind to know how fertile I am.


“I tried to visit my son in Akwanga mostly when I was on my ovulation period. I decided to develop a crush on him and draw him very close to me. We got intimate and ended up having sex.

“One faithful day while I was on my ovulation period, I visited him. It was at about 11pm. I held his hand and made him sit beside me.

“I asked him if he had ever had sex and he said no. I held him in my arms. This time, I felt warm and I think he too did.

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“After that night, I felt extremely embarrassed, and guilty that I committed such an abomination with my own son.

“It was actually a taboo, but I warned him to keep it secret.”

Matina said that prior to having sex with her son, she didn’t have sex with her husband for three months.


After intercourse with her son in Jan 2022, she said she missed her period that same month and a test confirmed she was pregnant.

However, when she shared the news with her husband, he suspected foul play. He reminded her that they have not had sex for three months and inisisted he is not responsible for the pregnancy.

Mr James accused Matina of adultry and threatened to kill her, so she confessed to having sex with her son.

Matina’s son was questioned and he confessed to the sex act with his mother.

Matina told the publication: “I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to hurt or lose him.


“I did what I did to save my marriage. I got reliable information that he was planning to take a second wife on the advice of his parents and that the wife would occupy one of the apartments we suffered to build together.

“I was not comfortable with that idea and felt I could test my fertility with my son and impose it on him.

“I did that to get him a child and to stop him from taking a second wife. Taking a second wife is an indirect way of pushing me away, losing all we have suffered to put together.

“Look at my age. I’m not getting younger and my husband was not prepared to address the matter medically.

“Look at the result of the test; it shows low sperm count. There is no way he would have been able to impregnate me.

“I know I was doing the wrong thing and betraying my husband, but I saw it as a lesser evil than going outside.


“Now the man is even threatening to kill my son for impregnating me, so I had to move my son out of Akwanga and take him somewhere else to save his life.

“This is more so because I was the one who put him into the whole mess. I have to protect him.”

Matina’s husband insisted he would not accept a pregnancy that is not his.

Matina fears her husband may kill her and has left the house for him.

However, she says she intends to engage a lawyer to fight for the house since she contributed a larger share in building it.


“I will engage a lawyer if my husband tries to do anything funny. He should not take me for granted as I’m prepared for him,” she told The Nation.

“He can’t father a child. His sperm count is very low and he is not ready to address it. What does he want me to do?”

She added that she will not abort the baby she made with her son.

She said: “I won’t abort it. Rather, I will allow it and deliver my baby. I have been looking for it for long, so I won’t let it go. It belongs to my son.

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“I have decided to keep it because it is blood within my blood. I will keep it. All I want is that since the marriage didn’t work, we should sell the house, share the proceeds and everyone will go his way.”

The husband expressed his dissapointment at his wife’s action.

“How can she allow her son to impregnate her and try to foist it on me? How would she do that? That is my anger,” he said. “But if she is ready to go, let her go. We built the house together and whatever she wants, I don’t have an issue with that.”


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I have left my husband for Mercy Aigbe – Adekaz’s wife.


Funsho Adeoti, the first wife of the CEO of Adekaz Productions, Kazim Adeoti, has erupted over her husband’s marriage to Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, saying everyone should disregard her husband’s interview with a magazine where he claimed that the actress is his second wife.

“Everyone should please disregard the interview my soon-to-be ex-husband made that Mercy is a second wife in the marriage”, Funsho said.

“I never agreed with him to have a second wife in our marriage. Mercy Aigbe was my close friend who I trusted so much around my family because I liked her.


“When I did a surprise 40th birthday for my husband, I personally invited her and her ex husband back then. She became my husband’s side chick and started sleeping with him when her son was just 5 months. She has caused several problems in my marriage over the years but I am done now. She can have him. I have released him to her and left everything to God”.

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Adeoti and Aigbe made their marriage public recently drawing backlash from people who accused the actress of marrying her husband’s friend. But the actress debunked the claim, saying her new husband and ex were never friends.

When the marriage became a public subject, Aigbe’s former husband also reacted on social media with a picture of himself and Mercy Aigbe with the Adeotis, hinting that the two couples knew each other. He captioned the picture: “The truth has finally come out. Thank God”.


Timaya breaks silence over hit and run incident.


Timaya, the Nigerian singer, has apologised to the lady who sustained injury during an alleged hit-and-run incident involving him.

The musician has been in the public eye since Omowunmi Lawal, an entrepreneur claimed Timaya hit her sister’s car at the Ikate axis of Lekki in Lagos state and zoomed off after injuring her in the process.

But in an Instagram live session on Thursday, the ‘Dem Mama’ crooner denied the allegation while narrating his own side of the story.


He also dismissed claim that he was arrested by the police over the incident, adding that he was only invited for questioning.

In a follow-up post via his Twitter page, the 41-year-old apologised to the lady involved in the incident and her husband who he described as “an absolute gentleman.”


Timaya also said the idea that he could hit a lady and run away is “at best a big joke.”

“I sympathise with the lady and I wish the events had played out differently. Under no circumstances would I intentionally wish to cause anyone harm…,” he wrote.

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“The media has sadly narrated this another way, but that’s not surprising. The thought that I can successfully stage a hit and run while in traffic and at this stage in my career is at best a big joke.

“I apologise to my fans and well wishers who must have perceived this differently and most importantly to the lady, her husband who has been an absolute gentleman through this ordeal and her family who is dealing with the shock. I wish her a speedy recovery, God bless her.”


Kazim Adeoti reacts to getting married to Mercy Aigbe.


Nigerian movie marketer, Kazim Adeoti, has broken the silence on his marriage to ace actress, Mercy Aigbe, as he opened up on how they got married.

This is as the couple graced the front cover of the March 2022 issue of Media Room Hub magazine, marking the first time Adeoti opened up on their quiet marriage.

Adeoti revealed that he and Mercy had been business partners for 10 years, and he had always noticed something special about her.


“Mercy has always been a business partner and I’ve always seen something very special. The first thing that got me attracted to her was that she was very open and truthful to me from the first transaction we had together,” Adeoti said.

He revealed that when he gave her money for movie production, the actress returned some part of the money that remained after the production. Adeoti noted that he had never experienced such in his dealing with movie production.

The movie marketer also noted that he advised Mercy against leaving her first “abusive” marriage with her former husband, Lanre Gentry.


According to Kazim, the actress wasn’t happy with his advice and that slowed their business relationship.

However, they reconnected after a very successful movie produced by Aigbe, which she sold to Adeoti.

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After the success of the movie, Adeoti said he gave Aigbe some money and invited her for dinner; an act that rekindled their relationship and eventually led to their marriage.

He also posited that he was never friends with Lanre Gentry though they knew each other before the recent marriage.


Man ask Vee out after breakup with Neo; says, “Let me spend on you”


Reality show star, Victoria Adeyele AKA Vee, has reacted to a man’s proposal following her recent breakup with colleague, Neo Akpofure.

A Twitter user, known to be a supposed serial investor has professed his love for the former Big Brother Naija 5th edition housemate.

Noble Reporters Media learnt that this is coming following speculations last year December that Vee and her co-colleague Neo had broken up, but neither was willing to confirm nor deny the rumour.


Until Vee finally confirmed in a tweet on her Twitter handle that the rumours are indeed true. She shared a photo of herself and captioned it ‘soft and single’

Following this revelation, a Twitter user has decided to shoot his shot on the reality show star.


According to the supposed investor, he is willing to spoil her with his money.

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He tweeted, “Hey vee, how are you? I hope the weather is nice to your skin. By the grace of God I’m the CEO and managing director of Ojuorolari bakery at Yaba and I have other investments like 2 block industries at egbeda and 4 POS shops at Ikeja. Permit me to lavish money on you🥺🤗”

Reacting to his proposal, Vee reposted his tweet on her Instagram story and let out a long sigh. She wrote, “sigh” with mixed feelings emoji.


NDLEA Arrest Singers Zinoleesky And Mohbad For Drug Offences.


Nigeria’s narcotics agency on Thursday arrested two popular singers and four others with illicit drugs in a dawn raid on their apartment in the commercial hub of Lagos, an official said.

National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) spokesman Femi Babafemi told said some quantities of cannabis and “Molly” — a term used for MDMA — were found with rappers Zinoleesky and Mohbad and four other suspects in their residence and car.


“Our operatives raided the apartment in Idado estate in the early hours of today,” he said. “Six suspects — four males and two females — were picked up. Some quantities of Cannabis sativa and Molly were recovered from their apartment and car.”

Babafemi said the suspects would be charged to court after investigation. Mohbad and Zinoleesky are two popular rappers with hit songs in the country, and their music is being exported across the continent and around the world.

Mohbad’s hit “Feel Good”, has over four million views on Youtube.


The two rappers were signed last year to the music label of well-known Nigerian rapper and Afropop star Naira Marley.

Marley, who himself also had a run-in with the law over suspected internet fraud, expressed his outrage over the arrest of the two with a post on Instagram.


Pastor nabbed for r*ping teen church member “in the name of deliverance”


Founder and leader of Power Bible Church, Mathew Oladapo has reportedly been arrested for sexually assaulting a teen member of his church during a so-called deliverance service.

A statement from the police, releaded by spokesperson Abimbola Oyeyemi, in a statement on Wednesday, February 23, said the suspect was arrested following a report lodged at Ogijo divisional headquarters by the victim.


According to the statement, “She reported that the Pastor told her during the church Sunday service on February 20, 2022, that he saw a vision that she is having a spiritual husband which she needs to be delivered of.

And that she will undergo three nights of fasting and prayer in the church for total deliverance. She was also asked to come to the church with N1,000 notes and anointing oil. But on the first night of the fasting and prayer, she was taken to a room within the church where the pastor ordered her to pull off her clothes and undies and lay down on a piece of cloth on the floor which she obeyed.

While lying on the floor, the Pastor started rubbing the anointing oil on her body and inserted his finger into her private part. When she protested, the pastor pinned her down, covered her mouth and forcefully had s#x with her with the claim that it is the only way to break the bond between her and the spirit husband.”


Kim Kardashian just roasted her past marriages in first trailer for new series


The Kardashians are back with a brand new show follwing the end of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ties on E! after 14 years – and they certainly won’t fall short for content.

In their short time off-screens, they’ve had Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s drama-filled separation with new love interest Pete Davidson stepping in; Kylie Jenner welcoming her second child, Wolf, into their lives following Travis Scott’s horrific Astroworld concert; Tristan Thompson’s latest cheating scandal and speculation there’s a Kardashian who’s currently pregnant, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres.


And how could we forget Kourtney Kardashian’s October engagement to Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker.

You know, typical family drama.

Kim Kardashian’s ‘naff and souless’ beige house goes viral
Hulu shared the new trailer on Instagram, writing: “can you believe? #TheKardashians premieres April 14 on @hulu, and coming soon to Disney+ internationally and Star+ in Latin America.”


In the hotly anticipated trailer, POOSH founder Kourtney announced she was getting married to Barker. Momager Kris looked ecstatic, with the news bringing a tear to her eye.

“This makes me so happy,” Kris sobs.

Kim then seized the opportunity to poke fun at her own experience(s), saying: “She’s never had a reaction like that for me, and it’s happened like a few times.”

The reality star separated from Kanye West in 2021 after eight years of marriage. The pair have four children together: North, 8, Saint, 6, Chicago, 4, and Psalm, 2.


Before tying the knot to the DONDA rapper, Kim married NBA player Kris Humphries in 2011. Soon their marriage would make headlines after the reality star filed for divorce after just 72 days of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

The SKIMS founder’s earliest marriage was to music producer Damon Thomas when she was just 19-years-old. In an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim confessed to getting married “while on ecstasy.”

Three years down the line, Thomas filed for divorce in 2003.

The family’s new reality series, The Kardashians, hits screens on April 14.


Top US singer, Keke Wyatt expecting eleventh child at 39.

Keke Wyatt, the US singer, says she is expecting her 11th child with Zackariah David Darring, her husband.

The 39-year-old revealed this in an Instagram post on Sunday.

The post included a photo of her in a red gown, with her protruded belly exposed.

In the caption, she announced: “My husband, Zackariah David Darring, and I are proud to announce that our family will be adding a ‘plus 1’ to the Wyatt Bunch!”

Fans thronged the comments to congratulate the couple, with one writing: “No one will ever mess with your kids in school.”

Among the congratulatory messages were several calls for the family to consider a reality show.

While this will be the eleventh child for Keke, it’s the second for her and her husband. The pair welcomed Ke’Riah Darring, their first son together, on January 6, 2020.

The songstress’ first marriage was at 18 to her road manager. The pair have three children — Keyver Wyatt, Rahjah Ke’, and Ke’Tarah Victoria.

They, however, divorced in 2010, after which Keke married a man named Michael Jamar Ford. The duo welcomed four children together namely; Ke’Mar Von, Wyatt Michael, Ke’Yoshi Bella, and Kendall Miguel.

Keke and Michael confirmed their divorce in August 2018.

The singer was born on March 10, 1982. Keke comes from Indianapolis, Indiana.

She began honing her craft at age two and performed her first live show at age five.

Keke performed with several girl bands in her teen years. Eventually, she collaborated with R&B singer Avant.

She has released five albums, including ‘Soul Sister’, ‘Who Knew?’, ‘Unbelievable’, ‘Rated Love’, and ‘Keke Covers’. She also released an EP called ‘KeKe’.

In 2017, she joined the cast of ‘R&B Divas: Atlanta’, where she starred in all three seasons of the show.

In addition to her work as a musical artiste, Keke is known to work with a number of non-profit organizations.

“Madam, if it’s BBL, do your own, abi” – Alaafin’s Queen Olaitan replies troll.

Adeyemi Badirat Olaitan, the estranged wife of the Alaafin of Oyo, has slammed a follower who said that she is hiding after having Brazilian butt lift surgery.

The mother of three has been sitting down in most of her recent photos which led to speculations that she might have undergone a butt enlargement surgery.

In the screenshot she shared on Instagram today, the follower encouraged her to stop hiding the butt her doctor gave her.

“How long will you keep sitting down. We already know you did BBL. Stand up and flaunt what your Dr gave you.” the follower wrote.

Reacting to the comment, the entrepreneur seemingly admitted to have undergone BBL and said people should leave her alone.

“Madam, if it is BBL, please kindly do your own now Abi?? If I like I sit down, if I like I stand. It’s my choice and it’s my money. I paid for the BBL. Leave me alone now”

Kayanmata: HURIWA threatens action against Jaruma – says we need to see your NAFDAC number.

Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has written an open letter to Hauwa Sa’idu Mohammed, popularly known as Jaruma, to within 72 hours go to the media and denounce the alleged efficacy of her local aphrodisiac, known as ‘Kayanmata’ or showcase the approval from Nigerian regulatory agencies.

HURIWA said it has observed with worries the controversies surrounding Jaruma’s business as a sex therapist and dealer on a local aphrodisiac called Kayanmata, which she claims are aimed at rescuing women from failed marriages.

In the letter, a copy of which was made available to DAILY POST, it said the evidence available seems to suggest that Jaruma is allegedly preying on impressionable women and as such has allegedly built an empire on the gullibility of desperate women.

HURIWA’s open letter to Jaruma was signed by its coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko and made available to DAILY POST on Wednesday.

The letter reads:

“Can you please contradict this allegation with empirical evidence and science-based license from the Nigerian Government?

“There are allegations on the use of voodoo and ‘Juju’ dark magic, alongside these products in order for your clients to successfully trap men and do their bidding after sexual encounters. If these are just mere allegations, why then is there a popular belief that your products can help young girls catch rich sugar Daddies?

“You have also portrayed that your ‘Kayan Mata’, which literally means a woman’s property, is said to enhance love and intimacy and even make women receive expensive gifts from men out of inducement – is this not tantamount to love scam and false pretenses punishable in Nigeria, under Section 419 of the Criminal Code, which states:

“Any person who by any false pretense, and with intent to defraud, obtains from any other person anything capable of being stolen, or induces any other person to deliver to any person anything capable of being stolen, is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for three years?”

“More so, your clients are alleged to be ladies seeking to win the hearts of wealthy married men, thereby encouraging the act of adultery. Adultery is a criminal offence under the Penal Code of Northern Nigeria. Section 387 and 388 stipulate imprisonment for two years, and/or with a fine for adultery.

“Although, adultery is not prosecuted under the Criminal Code, it provides for redress if a spouse can prove that adultery occurred. For instance, section 15(2)(b) of the Matrimonial Causes Act states that: “ The court hearing a petition for a decree of dissolution of a marriage shall hold the marriage to have broken down irretrievably if the respondent has committed adultery and the petitioner finds it intolerable to live with the respondent”

“Again, we are not aware of any approval from NAFDAC, as such selling of unlicensed and unauthorized love portion, which suspectedly did not undergo evaluation and/or approval by the National or Regional Regulatory Authority for the market in which they are marketed/distributed or used, subject to permitted conditions under national or regional regulation and legislation is a crime and punishable or are your products accredited?

“Therefore, we are giving you 72 hours from the date of this publication to go to the media and repudiate the alleged efficacy of your products with an apology to the men and women you have allegedly induced with your alleged unlicensed and unauthorized love portions, which has infringed on their rights accordingly. Failure to do so, we may very likely take legal steps to force relevant Agencies of the Government to rise up and do their duty. ”

The group said agencies, such as the Federal Competition and Consumers Protection Commission (FCCPC), established by law to protect citizens in the market place by preventing abuse, exploitation and any form of mistreatment or disregard with respect to consumers must be compelled by legal means to wake up.

The group said in addition, that the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control (NAFDAC), whose function as provided in the enabling law that establishes it are to: ‘regulate and control the importation, exportation, manufacture advertisement, distribution, sale and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, bottled water, Chemicals and detergents’ must be tasked to wake up and defend Nigerians.

Actress Etinosa Idemudia slams Annie Idibia for making her marital issues be of public opinion – Nigerians react.


Some social media users have reacted to Actress Etinosa Idemudia’s indirectly shaded Annie Idibia and couples who bring their marital crisis to social media.

Noble Reporters Media earlier learnt that Etinosa Idemudia, in a series of posts shared on her Instagram story, opined that people disgrace their spouses on social media because they are pained and allow strangers to drag them for a few days.

However, after the crisis is settled, the couple starts posting lovey-dovey videos to social media users, urging netizens to mind their business.


According to Etinosa Idemudia, the person who brought the marriage issues online is the real disgrace victim because they can never cry to social media for help or intervention.

Etinosa Idemudia added that except for the life-threatening issue or the family cannot solve it, it’s best not to bring your marital problems to social media.

However, some netizens have claimed that Etinosa is shading Annie Idibia and urged her to talk to the wife of the legendary singer directly.


sharonplang wrote: You waited 6 months later to advise Annie?

gbellzzz wrote: Talk to Annie directly

richardmiraable wrote: Why shading Annie

words_of_____wizards wrote: I feel like tagging ANNIE , MERCY eyeBAE , 2 BABA , PERO but lemme just kip ma cool

Recall with Noble Reporters Media in September 2021, Anni Idibia called out the husband 2face for sleeping in the same hotel with his baby mama Pero Adeniyi.


Man who attempts to throw his children into river after fight with wife nabbed.


A middle-aged-man narrowly escaped death by an angry mob after attempting to throw his two sons into a river following an altercation with his wife in Yatta, Machakos County, Kenya.

According to reports, the suspect, made the attempt at Kabaa bridge which courses over River Athi on Friday, February 18.


Police officers were forced to intervene and save the man from irate residents who had furiously descended on him with blows.

The suspect is currently being held at Yatta Police Station.


Regina Daniels become blind and pregnant.

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress, has been preoccupied with social media since accusations of her millionaire husband impregnating a new wife went public a few days ago.

It was previously reported that Regina Daniels’ husband, Ned Nwoko, has taken in a seventh wife, who is already pregnant with his child.


Regardless of the controversy, Regina has just stated that she is currently filming a movie in which she plays a blind, pregnant girl. She shared set of photos which includes her mother and captioned it: “Playing the blind pregnant girl. On the set of”