David Hundeyin lashes Seun Kuti, PSquare in fight over Peter Obi.

The social media war between Afrobeats star, Seun Kuti, and hiphop crooner, Peter Okoye of the PSquare fame seems not to have an end in sight soon as different manner of people from entertainers, celebrities and social media influencers have taken up different positions.

The latest to join in the fray is Nigerian investigative journalist, David Hundeyin, who took to his verified Twitter account, @David@Hundeyin on Thursday afternoon to admonish both warring parties, urging them to let sleeping dogs lie.

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In one of the tweets, the controversial journalist wrote:

“Smoking igbo is not a personality trait, neither is it a revolutionary behaviour. Weed doesn’t make you a wise sage or a genius.

“Fela was a genius in spite of smoking weed, not because of doing so. Weed is only a moderately addictive psychotropic substance and nothing more.”

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In a second tweet apparently aimed at the Okoyes who had performed for President Muhammadu Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) prior to the 2015 election, he said:

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“Also, anyone who enthusiastically supported Buhari in 2015 and still imagines that they have the same influence or social cachet that they had at this time 8 years ago is living in cloud cuckoo land.

“Wake up, go outside, and touch grass, my dear. You’re not that guy anymore.”

In a final tweet which he seemed to direct at Seun, Hundeyin said:

“Peter Obi has already crossed the rubicon, so all this “they’re all the same” and “none of them is a saint” talk is a waste of Seun Kuti‘s time.

“It has zero impact at this point except to piss people off. The time for all this chat was like a year ago. Far too late now.”


One thought on “David Hundeyin lashes Seun Kuti, PSquare in fight over Peter Obi.”

  1. Why are these people throwing mud over this issue.Peter Obi will not be the next President of Nigeria .yeh he came out asxa candidate and stirred up people bbut it’s not going vto make him the president of Nigeria vin this election.Can we just agree vto dis agree and still be friends v

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