Man slams his father for forgiving his mother after she cheated on him.

A man has taken to Twitter to berate his father for being ‘weak’ after discovering that he forgave his mother’s adultery.

The man with handle @Vhoyde disclosed that he recently discovered that his mother cheated on his dad before he was born, and his dad forgave and accepted her back. Watch Video Here

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According to him, this has changed his perception of his dad because he was too soft and should have dumped his mother for cheating.

He averred that a woman should never be forgiven for cheating because it is worse than a man doing same. Watch Video Here

“I found out my dad took my mom back after cheating and I never looked at him the same again. Soft.

I wasn’t even born yet but I still think he should’ve left her

I’ve always believed that a woman cheating is worse and should never be forgiven. Thank you for validating this 😂” he tweeted on Tuesday, February 7. Watch Video Here

When asked if his mother should have stayed if it was his dad who cheated, he responded in the affirmative, explaining that it is “tradition”.


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