“Don’t ask for basic gifts, go grocery shopping” – Daniel Regha shares gift idea for Valentine’s day.

Social media adviser, Daniel Regha has ladies of alternative gift ideas they can get from their partners this coming Valentine’s day.

Taking to his Twitter account, Daniel urged ladies to go grocery shopping with their men and buy food instead of demanding gift boxes filled with chocolate and basic items.

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According to him, the times were tough and it was important to think about lasting means of survival.

“Ladies, Vals Day is coming, instead of asking for hampers or basic gifts, tell ur man to take u grocery shopping; Use the opportunity to get some rice, beans & other foodtstuffs. The relationship mayn’t last but at least u will have foodstuffs. These are tough times, think smart.”

However, the groom paid no attention to the event host and continued pressing his phone in the presence of his bride and their wedding guests


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