NANS issues safety advisory to Nigerian students following deadly Turkey earthquake.

The Turkish chapter of the National Association of Nigeria Student (NANS-Turkey), has given a safety advisory to Nigerian students in the country following a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake that hit the European nation on Monday.

The earthquake which rocked the country and neighbouring Syria, has reportedly killed over 4,000 people so far, with several thousands of others, including Nigerians, still trapped under rubble of collapsed buildings.

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While giving the safety advisory on Tuesday, the NANS-Turkey President, Caleb Olasupo, advised Nigerian students living in the country to “stay calm and follow instructions from local authority.”

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“Solidarity greeting to all Nigerian students. In light of the recent earthquakes of different magnitude that is occurring in Turkey,” the advisory reads.

“We would like to remind everyone to prioritise their safety. Please, follow any instructions from local authorities and avoid entering any damaged buildings or structures.

“Stay informed of any updates and if you are in an affected area, take necessary precautions to ensure your safety,” it added

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