APC, failure, packaging ‘fluke’ for Nigerians – Dele Momodu.

Ahead of the February 25 presidential election, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dele Momodu, has slammed the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for fielding Bola Ahmed Tinubu as its standard bearer.

Momodu, who spoke in a Channels Television’s Sunrise Daily programme on Tuesday, insisted the ruling party had unprecedentedly failed to deliver on its campaign promises.

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This followed a statement credited to the former Lagos State Governor, Raji Fashola, where he insisted Nigerians needed the APC-led administration for another four or eight years.

Fashola had in an interview on Channels Television argued Tinubu had the requisite experience and credentials to become Nigeria’s next president.

However, Momodu on Tuesday maintained that the ruling party was packaging failure for the country, adding Tinubu was obsessed with ridiculous sense of entitlement.

He said: “Nigerian government has lost power. The Nigerian people are fed up. I’m happy the First Lady as well as Tinubu has talked about that on different occasions. Tinubu is placed as a regional force and he is a career politician controlling Lagos.

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“It is very unfortunate to claim that Tinubu singlehandedly brought Buhari to power. Several people such as Kwankwanso, Atiku and Amaechi did a lot of work in Buhari’s emergence as President. What should they do? Then if this is Tinubu’s reason for contesting president, then other people should also be entitled to the position.

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“Nigerians should know that Tinubu’s candidacy is not about power rotation to the South, but about the ambition of an individual to become president. It’s unfortunate that the party is packaging fluke and that can’t work. Tinubu cannot be president.”

Speaking on the crisis in his party, Momodu faulted the consistent calls for power rotation to the South, adding PDP had been generous and fair to the region all these years.

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He thus urged disgruntled members in the party to unite around Atiku Abubakar whom he described as a cosmopolitan candidate with formidable blueprint.

“Some contestants from the South-east opposed to Atiku’s suggestion of power rotation to the region. That’s why the ticket was thrown open in the first place. It’s after the presidential election that Nyeson Wike started to make such demands when truly most of them had manoeuvered their way to cleverly remove Secondus for a northern chairman.

“I had never said, by fire by force, the power must go to the South. The powers that be decided to change the atmosphere of the primary, and as a loyal member of the party, I had to move on. This is to the disgruntled members to also unite around the presidential candidate and move on, even though they have every right to be angry”, Momodu concluded.


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