“We are our own problem” – Reality TV star, Venita Akpofure laments.

Reality TV personality, Venita Akpofure has stated that women are genuinely the problems of their fellow women.

Taking to her Twitter page this morning, the mother of two revealed that she was previously chastised for berating a lady who came online to drag their exes while another man was praised for airing the same opinion.

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Venita revealed that this would never make her stop speaking her truth and anyone who wanted to misunderstand her opinion and bash her for it was free to do so.

She tweeted;

“I said something a month ago about “draggin” exes thru the mud. I was considered a man sympathizer. Another public figure came out and says something almost identical. Mind you he is male. The women applauding the statement are plenty.
In conclusion. We women are our own problem truly. AND I, Venita Akpofure will never mince my words for any other person. If u sabi Oxford English then u go sabi. If not , it’s not really my problem. Misunderstand at the cost of ur own emotions and MB”


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