“Borrow if you have to, please do paternity test” – Actress Yetunde Bakare advises men.

Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare has urged men to take paternity tests for their children at birth by all means necessary.

Reacting to the current rampant wave of paternity fraud, the thespian took to her Instagram page to encourage men to save or borrow if need be to ensure they had the paternity test done.

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Yetunde also advised women not to be offended if their husbands demanded paternity tests because the dishonesty people experience daily on the issue is alarming.

According to her, if their hands were not dirty then they had nothing to be angry or disappointed about.

She wrote;

“Dear men … in everything that you do,,,, please do DNA😩😩 No matter how broke you are, please save up for DNA or borrow money!
As a woman you shouldn’t find it offensive when your Man ask for DNA at birth …..
With the level of dishonesty/Paternity Fraud we see on a daily 😩
Eni ti o je gbi ko le ku gbi ✌️”


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