Man hails wife as he reveals they abstained from s£..x until wedding night.

A Nigerian man, identified as Emmanuel Okorie, has revealed that he and his wife never got intimate until their wedding night.

The proud husband made this disclosure on Facebook while showing off his beautiful wife.

According to Emmanuel, he and his wife waited until their wedding night to get intimate.

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“You say that there are no more men that will abstain from sex until marriage because you have made up your mind to give them sex,? he said in a Facebook post on Friday, February 3, 2023.

“If women close their legs, men won’t sleep with trees. People look for excuses to cover their bad deeds. Abeg, na my wife be this, I waited until our wedding night before I could do like that. Good things are worth waiting for!!!!?” He wrote on Facebook.

In other news, a Nigerian man’s heartwarming reaction to a surprise gift from his wife has melted hearts online.

A trending video captured the moment the man’s wife surprised him with a brand new pair of airPods, and his unexpected response to the simple gift earned him praise from social media users.

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In the video, the wife placed the airpod inside the refrigerator, and when he walked into the living room, she asked him to help her get water.

He opened the fridge to get water for her, and to his surprise, he saw the airpods there. He then took them out to show her.

She immediately responded with a grin, indicating that it was for him and that it made him extremely happy.

The elated man fell to his knees and thanked his wife for the thoughtful gift. Watch video here.

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