Actress Kate Henshaw reacts as woman strip herself n#ked in bank over inability to withdraw cash. [Watch]

A video of a young woman striping herself naked in the Banking hall has been going viral on social media causing a lot of people to talk.

In the video, the lady was seen striping herself naked at the Access bank hall while demanding all her money in her account and the closure of the account afterward.

Watch Video Here || Download Video Here



The lady was seen wearing only a brassiere at the upper part of her body and her shorts while fuming in the Access bank hall.

Speaking in Yoruba translated into English, she said “Close my account, I’m not using it again. My kids didn’t go to school yesterday; I’m not using again.”

Reacting to the video, actress Kate Henshaw has urged people to desist from sharing the video as the woman was frustrated and had no choice but to strip in the bid to get her funds from the bank.

“Pls don’t share that lady’s video..

She had no choice but to strip herself to get her own money because of Meffy and his cohorts..

We have a choice cover her nakedness at least. pls..”


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