WWE star planning to wrestle again.


Zelina Vega returned to WWE last year after being released following a run where she was the manager of Andrade El Idolo.

After her return, she won the Queen’s Crown tournament and had a run as a Women’s Tag Team Champion. (Watch Video Here)

She was then sidelined with an injury. Following her return a couple of months ago, Vega has yet to return to the ring on television. Vega came back on an episode of SmackDown alongside Legado Del Fantasma, a move that surprised a lot of people as Vega took Elektra Lopez’s spot in the group.

Vega responded to a Twitter fan asking when she would soon compete in the ring again: “Soon. I’m not strictly anything. I. Do. It. All… not many can say that.” (Watch Video Here)

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Vega’s last TV match happened on the April 11 edition of Raw in a loss to Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair. Vega has been wrestling as of late, just not on television. She’s been working mixed tag team matches, starting in a dark match at the December 2 SmackDown. She’s also worked the post-Christmas WWE tour this week in New York City, Miami, and Greensboro.

With Vega starting to work live events again, it seems like a matter of time before she’s wrestling on television again. (Watch Video Here)





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