Bray Wyatt may have suffered a minor injury at WWE live event.


It looks like another top WWE star has possibly suffered an injury as Bray Wyatt told fans that he broke his finger at a live event.

Wyatt has been working the post-Christmas WWE tour loop that started this past Monday, where he beat Jinder Mahal at the December 26 Madison Square (Watch Video Here) Garden house show.

It marked his first match since losing to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37 in April 2021. He followed that up with wins over Mahal at house shows in Greensboro, North Carolina, and Miami, Florida, respectively.

At Thursday’s Miami event, Wyatt didn’t come out unscathed, as Wyatt apparently believed that he suffered a broken finger during the bout. (Watch Video Here) As seen below, he was interacting with fans when Wyatt showed off his finger, claiming that he broke it during the bout.

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It’s unclear whether it’s a legitimate injury or he was just working the fans. As previously reported, AJ Styles suffered an injury at Thursday’s house (Watch Video Here) show in Hershey, Pennsylvania.





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