Video: University student bites off mate’s ear in clash over boyfriend

Drama erupted at a Ugandan university (reports say it is Makerere) after a female student learnt that one of her coursemates was with her boyfriend.

While the names of both students remain unknown, Atinkanews has established that one of the girls lost her ear during this f¡ght.

It is said that the jealous babe, who couldn’t let her colleague snatch her man took matters in her own hands and bit off her coursemate’s ear.

The f¡ght, which kicked off in a lecture room ended in tears with one of the girls losing her ear.

According to eyewitnesses, one of the babes was heard shouting “Ndugyira ahamushaija”, a Runyankore word meaning ‘leave my man’.

Information regarding the whereabouts of the two babes and the gentleman remains scanty, but we will surely update you once more juice comes in.


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