Video: Man disgraced by daughters after they find out he’s cheating on their mother.


A video has captured the heartbreaking moment a man was confronted by his daughters after they found proof of him cheating on their mother.

The daughters, said to be Ugandans living in USA, found their fatherโ€™s chats with his mistress so they read out the chats in the presence of other family members, including their father and mother.

Watch Clips Here | Download Clips Here


Watch Clips Here | Download Clips Here

They told their father he ought to be ashamed of himself, they also told him that he canโ€™t keep putting their mother through that while she is trying to work on the marriage.

At one point, one of the daughters begins crying and tells her father, โ€œI want to kill you dad.โ€

Watch Clips Here | Download Clips Here

She also said to him, โ€œYou should be ashamed. How many f******* times are you going to put my mum through the same f****** bullsh*t?โ€

Another daughter then goes to their mum and gives her a sweater to keep warm.

While all this is going on, the father, who has a cup of tea sitting on a table before him, is seen silently looking at his daughters.

When the father tries to interrupt, the daughters refuse to let him speak.

Watch Clips Here | Download Clips Here

One daughter is heard saying: โ€œDaddy, you are a cheater and you gotta listen to what sheโ€™s saying.โ€

Another daughter says: โ€œYou are not that father figure. I donโ€™t care who you are to me, you are nothing to me.โ€

The camera zooms to their fatherโ€™s chat with the other woman at some point and it shows them sexting

The woman talks about sending him โ€œn#desโ€ of โ€œthose big boobsโ€ and encouraging him to look at them.

Watch Clips Here | Download Clips Here

She also wrote: โ€œYou know it when itโ€™s wet.โ€

After they read out the chats, one daughter says to their father: โ€œI found out even before Jane but me and you donโ€™t have a good relationship. So, when I saw this, when I read this, it didnโ€™t hurt me because I already decided that fourteen years ago, I lost you as a dad. So, when I saw this, it didnโ€™t hurt me.โ€

However, she said her sisters were hurt when they found out.

The daughter continues: โ€œShe found out, Tyra found out the day we got back and Tyra cried. Ashley found out today. And Ashley loved you, Ashley loved you, thatโ€™s why sheโ€™s so mad like this because she loved you.โ€

Ashley then begins crying at this point as she calls her father out and tells him that she wants to kill him.

The video has gone viral and has elicited mixed reactions.

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