Watch moment lady slaps man to the ground in a mall after proposing.


Proposal gone wrongโ€ฆA boyfriend was left in shame and pains as his supposed girlfriend rejected his public proposal with unpleasant actions. Watch Clips Here

All through the Watch Clips Here end of 2021 to this July 2022 , there has been a buzz about public proposal with both males and females taking the step to propose to the man or woman of their dreams. Watch Clips Here

Some of these public proposals ended with smiles, jubilation and congratulatory Watch Clips Heremessages from friends and family members while some of the public proposals ended with public embarrassment. Watch Clips Here

Public embarrassment during proposals became a reoccurring event, some ended with rejections while others ended with fight.

A disturbing video that has gone viral on the internet captures the Watch Clips Heremoment a lady gave her own boyfriend a hefty slap at the mall after he went on his knees to propose marriage to her.


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