Former WWE talent contacted by WSJ about Vince McMahon allegations.


PWInsider’s Mike Johnson followed up on his previous reporting on the Vince McMahon allegations during a Q & A published today.

Johnson noted on Saturday that several mainstream media outlets, including HBO, are working on stories about Vince McMahon. It was also stated that The Wall Street Journal is working on yet another story. It’s not confirmed if more allegations will come out or if the WSJ is working on getting more details on the four settlements that have already been reported on.

Johnson reported today that The Wall Street Journal is pursuing “additional stories” on McMahon and they were trying to reach out to former WWE talent as of 48 hours ago. So, it is clear that there is a lot more to come.

For what it’s worth, people who have seen McMahon backstage in recent weeks continue to say that he is treating everything as if it’s business as usual and there has been no talk of the allegations from him backstage or anyone in his inner circle. Whether or not the additional stories force McMahon to make a change (as some feel he should step down from the company) remains to be seen.

Johnson wrote, “We also know a number of legal firms are investigating the situation themselves from the perspective that all of this hurt the WWE stockholders and until they decide they are filing class action suits or not, those are still ongoing. Finally, I know that The Wall Street Journal is still pursuing additional stories and I know they were trying to reach out to former WWE performers as of 48 hours ago. So, short answer, yeah, it looks like there is more to come.”





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