The Bloodline may be getting a new member.


It looks like The Bloodline could be adding another member to the family.

Fightful reports that as recently as this week, there have been serious talks about NXT star Solo Sikoa joining the main roster. Sikoa is the younger brother of Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Fightful adds that there is no confirmation of what brand Sikoa will land on but since Jimmy and Jey are the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions, they are technically on both brands. There had been talks in the past about Sikoa skipping NXT and going straight to the main roster. reported in late 2020 about plans to bring in additional members into The Bloodline but they have held off on adding anyone up to this point. At one point, they teased adding Apollo Crews to the group.

Sikoa recently said the following during an interview with BT Sport: “You know, at the end of the day man, it’s so easy to go back to, ‘I’m their brother, I’m their family.’ I don’t want to be referred to as their brother, their cousin, I want people to recognize me for me. Before I debuted on TV, WWE creative was like ‘we’ll put you with your brothers’. Then the next meeting was like ‘let’s see what you can do on your own.’I felt like ‘this is my time now. This is the time for fans to recognize me as Solo instead of your Jimmy and Jey.’ Before man, I had black hair, we all really did look alike. Again, nine months later, people know oh that’s Solo, that ain’t Jimmy and Jey.”




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