CM Punk fires at Matt Cardona after he mocked WWE women champions.


Matt Cardona is getting some heat from a large portion of the wrestling fans on Twitter for a tweet that seemingly mocked the situation with Naomi and Sasha Banks.

Cardona tweeted, “If I could go back in time…the night I was pushed off the stage in a wheelchair on Raw, I should have walked into Johnny Ace’s office…placed my neck brace on the table and walked out because I wasn’t being respected enough as Internet Champion.”




It should be noted that Cardona’s job is to get heel heat, especially with the internet fans who follow him so this might be what he’s looking for.

CM Punk saw the tweet and replied, “If you’d go back in time to stand up for yourself, you should stand up the workers now.”

As noted earlier, Banks and Naomi walked out last night as Raw was starting and that forced WWE to rewrite parts of the show and the main event had to be changed. Click here for tons more details on the story, including news on plans for Banks to lose to Ronda Rousey




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