Carmella defends Corey Graves’ WWE Raw commentary about Sasha Banks and Naomi


Corey Graves has received criticism from fans regarding what he said about Sasha Banks and Naomi on Monday’s WWE Raw. The show was supposed to feature a six-pack challenge featuring Asuka, Lynch, Doudrop, Nikki ASH, Sasha Banks, and Naomi, but was changed to Lynch vs. Asuka with Lynching winning to determine the top contender for the Raw Women’s Championship.

During the show, it was announced that Banks and Naomi had left leaving Becky Lynch to ask Adam Pearce to change things. It’s been reported that Lynch came up with the idea for the segment.




Graves stated on commentary that Banks and Naomi “summarily and unprofessionally walked out.”

It was speculated that this was a line given to Graves by Vince McMahon as the WWE Chairman doesn’t like wrestlers walking out when advertised to appear. The week after Steve Austin walked out in 2002, The Rock stated in a promo that Austin took his ball and went home.

Carmella, who is married to Graves, responded to a fan saying “get her man” in reference to his commentary. Carmella stated that Graves was just doing his job, essentially a confirmation that Graves was told to say what he did.

As noted, Naomi was supposed to win the match and challenge Belair for the title at Hell in a Cell. WWE noted in their statement that Banks and Naomi placed their Women’s Tag Team Championship belts on WWE Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis’ desk and walked out




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