Dean Ambrose reportedly “super happy” wrestling at AEW.


There has been a rumor making the rounds this week on social media about Jon Moxley. The rumor states that Moxley is unhappy in AEW and that could mean that he might return to WWE. The rumor is untrue.

Per Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Forum, Moxley is happy with AEW. Meltzer said, “He told me last week he was super happy.”

In a January 2021 Q&A, Moxley didn’t close the door on a possible WWE return while also pointing out that it’s unlikely to happen. Moxley said, “You gotta say never say never, because you don’t want to run back what you said years later because you don’t know what’ll happen. Just the creation of AEW was so vital to the wrestling industry, and that’s part of the reason why I’m so proud to be a part of it.”

He added, “I wouldn’t rule out ever doing business with them again, we had a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time. If they called I would listen, but I highly doubt we would ever be on the same page. I’d be open to an idea. I don’t not like money. I got a kid on the way and gotta put it through college so ya know. I would take a phone call, but I highly doubt anything would materialize.”

Moxley is currently in the Blackpool Combat Club stable with Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta and manager William Regal. He wrestled this past Wednesday on Dynamite in a 6-man tag and last week in an excellent match with Wheeler Yuta. At this point, it doesn’t seem like he has plans to leave AEW.




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