Stone Cold ignored WWE’s request to not give the middle finger.


When Stone Cold Steve Austin announced at WWE WrestleMania Saturday that he would agree to have an actual match with Kevin Owens, that was a big surprise to many fans and many have speculated that this was always the plan. That’s not actually the case.

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Austin and Owens were listed for a match at one point but Austin didn’t want to have a bad match, so the plan was just to do an elongated brawl for several minutes.

However, after intense training, Austin felt comfortable enough to do an actual match. It was previously reported that Austin did a lot of cardio in preparation for the match.

Another interesting note in the Observer is that while Austin was rehearsing, he would stand on the ropes and flip people off. However, WWE producers told him that he can’t do that because the company has changed. Austin did another take and Austin did what he wanted and then was told again not to do it on the live show. On the live show, he did it again.

This story was confirmed earlier this week on The Pat McAfee Show.


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