Dolph Ziggler’s long NXT title reign ends after Bron Breakker breaks him.


Last night when Bron Breakker defeated Dolph Ziggler to win back his NXT Championship, that was apparently a late decision because the original plans called for Ziggler to have a longer title reign.

On today’s Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said people close to NXT told him that Ziggler would be champion for “a awhile” and Alvarez point out that an NXT commercial aired last night during Raw that featured Ziggler as the champion.

Alvarez said, “[On Saturday afternoon] I heard from someone who is close to folks in NXT and they know a lot about what’s going on there. They said, ‘you know, it looks like Ziggler is going to be champion for a while. This was Saturday. So then Monday at about 11:30 or so, I heard actually from several people that we’re gonna have an NXT title change on the show tonight. One person said ‘NXT title change tonight’ and the other person specified that it was gonna be Bron Breakker beating Dolph Ziggler to win the title back on Raw…”

Alvarez continued, “I watched [Raw] and they do Bron Breakker and Dolph Ziggler and Bron Breakker defeats Dolph Ziggler and he wins the NXT Championship, he’s the new champion. He’s won the belt. So I continue watching the show and everything like that. Then, about 45 minutes later, they have a commercial for NXT. And the commercial for NXT, the whole commercial is about how Dolph Ziggler beat Bron Breakker and we’re gonna get the fallout on NXT, which oddly enough they said, ‘NXT tonight at 9:00.’ It was tomorrow’s commercial that they aired on the wrong day and the commercial that they had, had been created with the idea that Ziggler was still the champion.”

Alvarez said he theorizes that they didn’t put the belt on Breakker on Saturday because they had plans to move him up to the main roster and then plans changed and that is when they decided to put the belt back on him


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