WWE: Seth Rollins acknowledges Cody Rhodes rumors, destroys ringside and vows to get himself into WrestleMania.


Once again, Seth Rollins was unable to get himself a match at WWE WrestleMania but he promises that he will make it happen next week.

For weeks, WWE has been pushing that Rollins does not have a path to WrestleMania. He would have been inserted into the show if he defeated Kevin Owens last week but that didn’t happen.

On this week’s show, Rollins was able to get a match with AJ Styles and if Rollins won then he would go on to face Edge at WrestleMania. Rollins lost via disqualification when Edge went out to ringside and attacked Styles with a steel chair.

Rollins was upset and declared that this is “bulls*t” and that next week, Raw will not happen until he gets his match for Mania. Fans chanted for Cody Rhodes as Rollins destroyed the ringside area.

It’s no secret to the fans who attend shows that it will be Rollins vs. Rhodes and there were louder chants for Cody earlier in the show. Rollins acknowledged the chants as he referenced “rumors.” Earlier in the show when the fans chanted for Cody, Rollins said the following: “Rumors are a lot of fun, but rumors don’t make moments and I am living for my Wrestlemania moment.”

It looks like it’s possible that Cody will appear on next week’s show but Dave Meltzer stated on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE has been considering holding off on Cody’s appearance until WrestleMania, similar to how the Hardy’s returned at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.



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