Tears From Vince Macmahon While He Portrays The Undertaker

Chapter 2 of ‘Undertaker: The Last Ride’ dropped on Sunday, giving fans insight into the 12 months that followed ‘Taker’s ‘retirement match’ vs Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33.


The episode covers Mark Calaway’s hip replacement surgery and also shows him battling to get back into shape to make his return against John Cena.

During the build-up to WrestleMania 34 where he faced the 16-time world champion, Undertaker met with Vince McMahon to discuss his WWE future, as his contract had expired.

Vince is also interviewed on camera for the documentary and spoke emotionally about the pair’s relationship.


“Undertaker – Mark Calaway – is the most loyal performer I’ve ever dealt with,” McMahon said.

“He’s the man you would want in the foxhole with you.”

The boss is then asked what Undertaker means to him personally and he starts to choke up, cutting the interview short.

~The Undertaker

“Can’t do that,” he says.
We rarely see McMahon share so much emotion and it’s clear just how much Calaway means to him on a personal level.

The feeling, of course, is mutual, with Undertaker revealing he’d ‘take a bullet’ for Vince in his own interview.


“I love Vince McMahon to death,” he said.

McMahon and Calaway have a special friendship
“I would take a bullet for the man – honestly, I would. Yes, he’s my boss. He’s my friend. He’s been like a dad. A brother. He’s been like it all to me.

“I can’t think of anybody more influential in my life, other than my father, than Vince.”

~Vince Mcmahon

Given the incredible respect between the pair, it’s no surprise that Undertaker is yet to walk away from WWE.

Undertaker is yet to walk away from WWE
He was supposed to retire after facing Reigns in 2017 but refused to bow out after a match he described as ‘disgusting’.

Instead, Undertaker is still going strong. The bottom line is, if Vince needs him, he’ll be there.



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