Vince McMahon reportedly negotiating deal to sell WWE to ESPN and FOX


Vince McMahon has apparently reached breaking point.

Reports suggest his mindset backstage is now ‘f*** it’ and one WWE source has even nicknamed him ‘screw it Vince’.


It’s hard to blame the boss for feeling that way, though.

The uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic, filing for bankruptcy over the XFL and seeing WrestleMania plans ruined would’ve taken a toll on anybody.

What ‘f*** it Vince’ means for the future of WWE is unclear.

But one massive rumour suggests he could be ready to pack it all in.

Dutch Mantell (or Zeb Colter as he was known in WWE) tweeted to say he’s heard ‘directly out of Stamford’ that McMahon is negotiating to sell the company to ESPN and FOX.

“HUGE NEWS: Overheard directly out of WWE Stamford is that a deal is being negotiated to sell WWE and the network to ESPN and FOX by as early as mid-May,” he wrote.


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HUGE NEWS: Any truth to this. Overheard directly out of @WWE Stamford is that a deal is being negotiated to sell WWE & the network to @ESPN and @FOX by as early as Mid May. @mattkoonmusic

3:42 AM – Apr 28, 2020
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Now, until this is reported as fact by someone with far more certainty, it’s important to treat this as nothing more than a rumour.

But it’s certainly an interesting one.

There have been previous suggestions that McMahon would be ready to sell off certain WWE assets to TV networks, but not the whole company.

McMahon could sell up WWE
It’s also tough to imagine a smooth deal when selling to ESPN and FOX.

Yes, SmackDown airs on the latter, but ESPN doesn’t have any live WWE programming, with RAW broadcast on the USA Network – how it would work is unclear.

There are certainly a lot of questions that would need answering before any deal like this could happen.

SmackDown is already on FOX
But with McMahon apparently in full ‘f*** it’ mode, it will be interesting to see if anything as crazy as this unfolds in the coming weeks and months.



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