I was a gold digger when I met my wife – I had no wealth – Peter Okoye.

Peter Okoye, Nigerian singer better known as Mr. P, says he had nothing when he met Lola Omotayo-Okoye, his wife, adding that he was the gold digger.

The former member of P-Square, a now-defunct music group, was speaking about his relationship during a Live Instagram session, from which a clip has now gone viral.

Mr. P also advised men to always pick the woman they love and make her into what they deem. He said he wasn’t any better in looks when they both met 18 years ago but she now makes him look younger every day.

“I met my wife 18 years ago. Me? I was the gold digger. When I met her, I f**king had nothing. Men, I’m telling you. Not every women is a harlot, whore or slay mama,” Okoye said.

“Bro, you have money. Pick one, push her up and make her the way you want her to be. My wife was never perfect, don’t get me wrong.

“But, have you seen me before, I was ugly. Look at me now, I looking younger everyday. You’ll have peace of mind.”

In 2016, Mr. P had finally initiated a split from P-square after he and Paul Okoye, his twin brother, had engaged each other in heated arguments both in public and on social media.

The duo had a disagreement as regards what peter perceived as a lopsidedness in individual input of songs getting featured on their joint albums, with Paul getting a lion share of his songs selected.

He was said to have relocated from the home they both accommodated their extended family in after which a lawyer was involved to help split their fortune and joint ventures over the years.

In 2013, Peter had gotten married to Lola, his longtime girlfriend, whom he was said to have dated for seven years. He has had two kids to show for the relationship.



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