WWE WrestleMania 36: Edge Vs. Randy Orton (Last Man Standing Match)


We go to the ring and out first comes WWE Hall of Famer Edge. Tom and Byron are back on commentary. Randy Orton is out next.

Orton’s music hits but he appears out of nowhere, wearing all black, and hits the RKO outta nowhere to drop Edge. A replay shows Orton was disguised as a camera man at ringside. Orton is in his gear now. The referee tells Edge if he can get to his feet then they will start the match. Edge finally gets up and the bell rings. Edge swings but Orton dodges it and drops him with another RKO. The referee counts.

Orton taunts Edge while he’s down. Edge gets up at 9 and stumbles out to the floor. Orton grabs a camera and decks Edge with it, sending him over the barrier. Orton beats Edge through the WWE Performance Center now, into the gym area. Edge keeps getting up but finally drops Orton with boots while hanging from a piece of equipment. The referee counts them both down now. They get up and trade shots. Edge drops Orton. The brawl continues through the gym of the Performance Center. Edge drops Orton and taunts him while he slowly gets back to his feet. Orton counters and sends Edge into a wall.

Edge dodges a shot and gets back up to fight. Edge slams Orton face-first into an equipment box. Orton is selling an elbow injury. They fight into another production area as Orton yells at the camera man to move. Orton fights back in the narrow hallway. Edge blocks a shot into a garage door, then slams Orton face-first into it. The referee counts again. Orton gets up but Edge slams him back into the door again. Orton goes back to the main ring area now. They trade shots on a platform where the tall LED boards with WrestleMania graphics are standing. Orton tosses Edge from the platform into the barrier at ringside. The referee counts again while Orton recovers. Edge is back up at the 9 count.

Edge dares Orton to bring it. Orton unloads with punches and kicks, shots into the barrier. Edge stumbles around and falls back down. They fight back into another hallway towards the area with the main offices. Orton slams Edge into a plexiglass window and he goes back down. Edge gets back up and Orton sends him into the wall again. They’re in the same large office that Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano brawled in weeks ago, with the long steel desk. Edge sends Orton into it, then into the wall. Orton goes back down but gets up to more punishment. Edge tosses Orton on top of the long conference table. Edge swings himself from the ceiling, which he’s already close to due to the height of the table, using it to drop a big elbow drop to Orton on top of the table. Edge beats Orton while they’re both standing on the floor again now.

They fight back into the hallway. A camera man goes down. They fight out into another area, a storage facility. Another camera man runs over. There are ladders standing where they brawl now. Edge knocks Orton into a few ladders and slams him face-first into one. Orton stumbles away from Edge, still clutching his arm. Edge follows but Orton kicks him and clubs him down. Orton slams Edge into a storage cart. Orton continues beating Edge around a bunch of production cases and storage carts. Edge tries to use a steel chair but Orton throws them away. Orton sends Edge face-first into a piece of steel. The referee counts as Orton looks around for items to use.

Edge makes it up just before the 10 count. Orton goes right back to work. Edge turns it around again and beats Orton through the area in the back. Edge finally puts Orton through a table after diving from several feet up. The elbow hits and they both are down now. Orton slowly gets up first but Edge is almost there as well. Both men get up at the 8 count. Edge strikes first. Orton takes control into another area. Edge barely makes it back up. Orton beats Edge against a truck now, then rolls him onto the covered bed of the truck. Orton puts Edge on the very top of the truck cab and nails the draping DDT onto the covered bed. The referee counts but Edge makes it up.

Edge climbs up on top of a stack of production cases next to the truck. Orton is still down on the covered bed of the truck, trying to recover. Edge is on top of a NXT box truck now, higher than the stack of production cases. Orton is climbing after him. Orton, Edge and the referee are all on top of the box truck now.

Orton charges for a punt kick on top of the truck but Edge leaps at him with a Spear. Orton is in pain as the referee counts. Orton gets up at 9. Edge goes for another Spear but Orton connects with the RKO. Edge makes it up at the 9 count but collapses as soon as he does. Orton is back on the floor now. Orton is bringing two steel chairs to the top of the truck now, where Edge and the referee still are. Orton comes up and nails a steel chair shot over Edge’s back. Orton gets down in Edge’s face and talks some trash. Orton is ready to send Edge back to his family. Orton places a chair under Edge’s head. Orton goes to slam the other chair over Edge’s head but Edge jumps up and applies a submission, the same one he used on MVP recently. Edge brings Orton down on top of the truck, with a chair under Orton’s head. Orton looks to be knocked out now.

The referee counts and Edge gets back to his feet. Edge looks to get just a little emotional as he stands over Orton, who is still barely moving. Edge swings the chair and delivers the Con-Chair-To. Edge stands tall over Orton as the referee counts. Orton is in bad shape. The referee keeps counting and makes it to 10 to finish the match.



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