Deontay Wilder Admitted That He Is Open To WWE Stint Following Tyson Fury After His Fight With Braun Strowman In Saudi Arabia.

WBC Heavyweight champion of the world, Deontay Wilder, has admitted that he is open to the possibility of doing professional wrestling just like his rival, Tyson Fury did last month when he fought Braun Strowman in the wee Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabi last month.

Wilder is set to fight with Tyson Fury on the 22nd of February 2020 if Fury beats Luiz Ortiz in a rematch fight next week and says he and his team have been considering entering other fields of contact sports.

Ahead of his next WBC title defence, against Luis Ortiz next weekend, Wilder has made it clear he could enter WWE, and enhance his marketing profile with such a move.

Wilder speaking to PBC, said: “We thought about that years ago for marketing purposes, promotion and stuff like that.

“I’m a man that believes don’t burn no bridges.

“If that opportunity comes about I could see myself jumping off a ladder, doing a flying elbow or something like that.

“I’ve got the character to be able to perform in that environment, it’d be something fun, I wouldn’t turn it down.”

And Wilder could not resist taking a sly dig at Fury when he insisted Ortiz was the tougher opponent – despite the results suggesting otherwise following his draw with Fury and his win over Ortiz.

He said: “Who is tougher in the ring, Luis Ortiz or Tyson Fury? I’d have to say Luis Ortiz.

“Luis Ortiz is a smart fighter, he moves strategically in the ring, he’s a great counter-puncher as well.

“I like his style as a Cuban. Nobody in the top ten wanted to fight Ortiz and they still don’t ‘til this day. But I’m giving him the opportunity and we about to do it again, November 23 baby in Vegas.

“Luis Ortiz’s most dangerous trait is he’s a counter-puncher. He keeps you on the edge of your seat, you’ve definitely gotta really plan what you’re gonna do.

“Have your next move because when you’re punching he’s coming back with something just like that.

“You’ve definitely gotta have co-ordination, you’ve gotta have timing on point and you definitely have to have some type of speed with you.”


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